None of my DLC are working. #HELP!


I have been playing FH4 Ultimate edition for about 2 months now and everything was perfect till today!
I only get half the forzathon points and half the rewards then before, I do have everything installed ( vip and carpass etc)
And still it says : failed to download required marketplace data. Please try again later.

Please help i didnt change anything and the fun of playing a 100€ game is a bit gone now.

ps im sorry for my rubbish english :stuck_out_tongue:

rebuy the VIP-House

some people have this problem, looks like you only need to rebuy the VIP-House.

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It worked thnx m8 !
how about the weekly rewards And the doublecredit reward for vip members?

This was an issue with Xbox Live. Purchased content wasn’t showing correctly, had the same issue however the issue has now cleared from:

Live has had issues all weekend so worth checking the status first. Have had issues signing in, content missing etc all weekend.

Looks like offering free xbox live this weekend overloaded servers. Poor effort considering how easy it is to scale on Azure these days…

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@Flexman Esq

thanks for the explanation m8, everything is back to normal :slight_smile: