Non uk cars?

Just out of interest why is my golf R32 a us spec car when it’s based in the uk?

That’s because they don’t choose which version of the car to use. They scan the car the manufacturer gives them and that’s all. It could be from everywhere around the world

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So it’s not Horizon uk then it’s horizon ukish :joy:
Just like how the overtaking lane is going down the hill instead of up it! LHD format badly adapted to RHD

It just means you’re driving cars from other countries. It’s not like those cars cease to exist while you’re in the UK.

Most of the cars models where made long before the decision to place FH4 in the UK, Many even before the decision to place FH3 in Australia, which also drives on the left side of the road.

Most of the team that models the cars for Forza are based at Turn 10’s Studio in Seattle Washington, so most of the cars they get access to for 3D scanning are North American spec models.

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While I find it a minor annoyance, I tend to drive down the middle of the road any way, so it never affects my overtaking. Not once have I been wishing I could see traffic and road ahead better before making a move.

I would imagine the cars are to the spec of the country they originate from (I could be wrong), so a German Golf would be LHD, as would all of the other European cars. If that’s the case, it would make perfect sense, although I expect someone is going to prove me wrong. Australian, Japanese and British cars would be RHD, everything else (pretty much) will be LHD.