[Noc] Nocturnal Car Club. Fun & Laid back club. (XBone 18+)

Good day everyone! I’m the Effing Mohawk, I’m here to tell you all about my new car club, Nocturnal.

This car club will be dedicated to every type of driver as well as every type of car. We will have regular car meets to show off everyone’s vehicles and We will also do regular car cruising to have fun around Europe!

We will have people of all ages and racing styles in this crew, from Drifting, to Drag and all in between, there are no limits as to who can come along with us!

I will currently be accepting people to join, just either leave me a message on xbox or leave a comment in the thread.

I will also be designing a logo for us all to use on our cars if you so please to use one.

Hope to hear from a lot of you soon!

  • The Effing Mohawk.

Have 5 people so far! (once they enable the invites again)

HMU on Xbox about your club. Gt: II outaker II

Hit me up. H2O Yordle

I normally race and roll around in older and newer muscle but you may see me in a super car from time to time.

added both of you :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind joining, haven’t had a car club in Forza since forza 4.

Seems like a cool club, also dig the name. I’d like to join.

Added all.

Still accepting all drivers over the age of 18!

Club is set to open, so just search my GT or Club name and join!

or add me on Xbox One Or Message me/ Reply Here!

up to 10 members now.

Soon will be setting up a webpage to showcase designs, or make up events for us!


Seems like a cool club. I just joined.

Had a great night last night with some club members! hope to see even more of you coming soon as well! we are up to 30+ members now!

We have a facebook page up now as well!

Or Search “Nocturnal Car Club FH2” And request to join!

Hope to see you all soon.

Toss me an invite, Arguee

Super keen for a club that I can just roll and around the map and just chit chat with. GT is BlindSideTEC I’ll be up all night