Nobody's online to play tag with me


The glory days of forza 4 playground games are at an end.

I will be totally available whenever they fix the Club Server feature in Forza 4.

I’m hoping they fix it after releasing Forza 7. They seem focused, as Rivals are also erratic for Forza 5 and 6.

Its about to be 2020, and im sick of the newer forza, tag is boring in 7, i miss forza 4 sooo much, tag actually took skill, cause your on a track rather then in an open space that anyone with a ton of power or a super light car could win.

I wish i could play tag on fm4 again sooo very bad, was wondering if anyone would like to form a group hook up their 360 and play again?

Hey Zeeku22,I’m totally down for play tag on FM4! I sent you a friend request. Anyone else who wants to start a group of FM4 players, add my gtag and let’s get playing…