Nobody play no more Cross Country Horizon Open Races

This happens very often lately that is doing some race/street/dirt pvp race, then the classic CC championship appear and literally everybody leaves. You can’t imagine how frustrating is to find some good racers (when it happens) and then see everybody leaves because no one wants to play CC. Just either remove CC open races or add custom races at this point, neither nobody ill kill you or lose money if you add an option that everybody wants. Damn PG everybody is asking for Custom PVP races we are your damn customers. Just add it.

Yeah, but it made for an easy win. Started one earlier today with just one other person in the race, they quit at the start of the second race. I had that sprint and the entire circuit all to myself, no rammers, no nitrous powered funny cars and a free 7,500 experience for the daily win. It’s about the third time it’s happened, I’m not complaining.

Why complain, if like you say all the good racers leave when a CC race comes up then it should be easy for you to win.

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Not only good races but all races literally. Everytime it’s just me that accept to do a CC championship and I’m alone in the CC Lobby

But having close battles with people is much more fun than winning a race easily. If you win a race and/or Championship by the skin of your teeth as you have had to battle your way through, it is so much more satisfying than winning races by seconds. Sometimes it is the close, clean battles you want rather than the win…my most enjoyable Open experiences have actually come from races I haven’t won

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This right here. I would rather lose a clean tough fight then win by seconds.

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I’ll be interested in cross country races if the devs ever decide to fix the broken physics for jumps. It’s really, really annoying when your tires go below ground when landing a jump and cause your car to come to a dead stop.


Cross country would be ok is they made it so unsuitable cars like supercars, hypercars, sportscars and whatever cant be used.


They are not even meta cars in CC so your point is?

This also affects the “join - decline - join - decline” routine many players are doing to get a lobby they want. Since most CC lobbies are dead and the game does not alter the rotation based on favourability CC invites are overly frequent.
My record are 12 CC invites in a row - all declined of course.
This whole system is so bad I can’t grasp how it got shipped this way a second time.


I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few months Horizon Open will be completeley dead

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In CC every (big) jump has two mayor chances to mess up
first chance is not to get a straight ahead jump even with a straight drivingline and the car start turning midair into a random direction for no reason
second chance is the weird loss of speed or stopping while landing or a totaly messed up landing with turns and flips for no reason

and in CCraces against AI that unbalanced OP-CC-AI

is why CC doesn’t realy satisfying in both single- and multtiplayer

like with all other issues the question is: will it ever get fixed or will it end up on the “won’t fixed” list

Given the CC issues were present for the entirety of FH4 without being fixed, I think we can safely say it’s a “By Design” Issue that won’t be getting fixed

Pretty much the desire of every single player since the release of FH4 lol. But dreams are just that, dreams.

And CC was bareable in FH4 (except in unbeatable) but in FH5 is just disgusting. And i cant talk for others but i try to avoid CC at all costs. Like if my life depends on it.

If someday we see a proper AI and physics we will see. Until then, no CC. Not even in dreams.

Maybe I’m in the minority but I love CC

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CC races are my favourite aswell.


as others have said, reason why the number of players has decreased. we can’t choose the type of races we want play. i, for example like A class road races.

i would like to play, but i see no point. moment i stopped playing horizon open racing.
10min searching, watched my car spin around for about 2 min on the stage (series x), race is underway. another 2 minutes later just to find out that it was the last race of the event. quit and repeat.
again 10min later (searching/loading), race is underway, again another 2 minutes waiting to find that this was also the last race of the event.

alone that the game lets you join, even if the last race has already been started, have no words for it.

stil if your lucky and get the type of race you want after 5 min, watch your car spin for about 1-2 min, watch the player names you gonna race againt for 2 min(sometimes) and the race ends after 2minutes. on average you wait between 3 - 4, as long as you actually race.

CC are a hoot in my T2 bus and I usually don’t have entry number issue at my end.

I was silly enough to come into Open races today. 15 minutes, literally to load in the first race with me and one other player…WHY!!!

Don’t even get me started on the predictable rollover and front flip sequences. I’m gonna start avoiding cross country too.

The servers can’t deal with many tens of millions of Game Pass installations. It’s why all of the load screens take so long. It’s why server disconnects happen so often.