No work on FM 8 apparently. Ok, but then...

…there are a few things i’d like to ask of you, Turn10
As it was stated in one of the last video logs from you guys, there is no work on FM8 as of yet. I assume that is true altough it might be just a marketing strategy, but it’s not for me to decide. I trust you guys.
So, if you are still working 100% on improving FM7 then as a PC version player i’d like to ask you for the implementation of a couple of things graphically.

  1. Better reflections on opponents cars. As of now they often look matte.
  2. Shadows of opponents on each others cars and the environment, better Ambient Occlusion in general (look at Assetto Corsas PC version on ultra for that as a good example)
  3. Enhance brake lights and front lights intensity as well as the overall luminance of highlights like the sun as driving in dusk or dawn conditions feel too dark overall (compare to GT Sport for a way to handle it maybe?)

Setting this game to ultra settings on my PC does not make it look ultra to be quite honest. It’s looking good, yes, but you already can see on the headroom available on 4k/60 with a 1080Ti that the game is absolutely not maxing out it’s potential and it looks on the PC almost identical to the X-Version. I however thought that you guys would try to take advantage of how much more capable modern gaming PC’s are. I would like to have the feeling that i max out a game instead of having the feeling to play a console version on the PC. I get that you have to make compromises for the One and X. But please enable more settings for PC users. As of now some of your ultra settings feel more like medium settings on other games.

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Hey there!

To my knowledge, work on the next Forza game begins shortly before they are about to release a current version. They only announce it a few months out of the release window - typically 5-6 months prior. You won’t be hearing about F8 this year, trust me. Unless they are planning to move their release window back and forth, which they haven’t in 15 years.

The graphical suggestions you made, I don’t see that happening because:

The game needs to run at a locked 60 fps on consoles AND a stable/acceptable frame rate on PC, no matter how ancient or powerful your rig is. THis is necessary, because there’s a lot going on in the game while racing - high quality engine and track sound effects (very CPU intensive), physics calculations (very CPU intensive, again) and keeping pop up at bay. it is most likely for these reasons why they haven’t gone all out on eye candy otherwise they have the skills and expertise to make it all happen.

However, if you’re willing to accept a game that runs at a broken frame rate or rarely hits 60 fps locked, then that’s a different matter. If you really want to enjoy this game in its locked 60 fps glory, I suggest playing it on a One-X or even original Xbox One - yes, it looks fantastic even on the 2013 Xbox One as long as you have a good 1080p TV.

Finally, they will never make the PC version superior to the console versions in any way, because Forza started with the Xbox console and will probably remain a console exclusive, with the exception of the now PC versions. Consider yourself lucky to be able to play it on PC.

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What this is so not true I have a Xbox One S 2TB and a NUC PC Both hooked up to a 1080p 46 inch TV and the NUC Kicks sand in to the face of the Xbox with higher detail and quality of image while running at over 150FPS With Ultra settings.

So all I can say is that my NUC out preforms the Xbox One S by a lot when it comes to FPS and Graphics quality. And the same goes for Horizon 3 The NUC out performs the Xbox One S in all areas of game looks and Graphics

To be honest i find this comment to be very arrogant and elitist. As a PC gamer i also have seen many console players wanting to play on the console certain games and was always happy for them when they got it. I am all in for gamers to be able to play whatever game they desire on their platform. You sound like someone who’s telling me to be happy i just got thrown a bone and shall not complain. Come on man, really?
Latest example is Assetto Corsa Competizione, console players wanting to get it also and i really hope they do. I never would tell them they shall feel “lucky” to even get it. I am not protective of anything. Everything for everyone who can afford it i say.


Yes remember they only have to make a PC version to fit in with Play Anywhere, it is at it’s core a console game.
From reading these forums the Pc version is a real mess and would be better off being canned and devoting those resources to polishing the console version.
And yes they will be developing FM8 already, they probably even have access the next gen Xbox Dev Boxes. I know this because I used set them up myself for a AAA racing game developer on Xbox.

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Considering a new Forza Motorsport is basically a new UI plus a track or two and some cars, could be true. Whatever work they are doing now will of course be part of FM8. Or maybe they just don’t call it FM8 but something more interesting. Series fatigue is already a problem, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest into FM7 which had quite low sales compared to previous entries (FM4 is still the sales king). And maybe they really moved to a three year cycle, which would be a good thing (just think back at what a train wreck FM7 was at release, half the features were “coming soon”). However, the most likely thing is that they are working on Project Next Motorsport or whatever the working title is and they quite literally are not working on FM8 because it only gets that name at E3 2019 or shortly before, even though everybody knows what it is.


This is information that ManteoMax quoted from recent livestreams from T10, take special note of the highlighted portion. This is what the OP of this thread is referring too. I think T10 know they messed up severely with FM7, and seems like they are ditching their normal development cycle in order to fix a few things and earn back some consumer confidence.


If the rumors are true about the next xbox releasing in 2020. Then FM8 will be pushed back one year to become a launch title.


Ms just bougt playground and horizon has been outselling motorsport, would be willing to bet they would be quite happy to have horizon as a launch title


True. But that can also the "open world RPG"that just may be Fable.

My guess their priority is console. They just half-bake a port to PC. Until they give us PC gamers the freedom of running our game under our environment like any proper PC game (no cloud, offline, access to files, free from Windows Live/Store authentication crap, etc) FM8 will be the same mess

The game looks okay, but I must agree there is tons of room for improvement. But I would focus on gameplay aspects first as a pretty game without an actual good experience is worthless.

I wouldn’t set my hope to high. We’re almost a year into FM7 and it is still a mess, performance-wise and gamplay-wise. I don’t think they will magically fix everything with the next FM.

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I tend to spend my time looking at the line I’m about to take into a corner, looking to avoid contact with other racers etc. I don’t see really how reflections of other people’s cars on your is going to improve gameplay or immersion. Same goes for shadows.

The lights however, they do need work. Especially when there’s a fair few cars where the rear lights are there but just not on at night.

You must also bare in mind that it’s essentially a game made and optimised for the Xbox and then ported over to PC, so graphical optimisations are suited more for console.

From my view too, FM8 will likely be the majority of code etc from the current game just with tweaks here and there to make things feel a little different, along with better shading and adjustments to the colouring.


In my view FM7 is one of the best titles in forza history. Yes the game have some bucks but have by far the best rating in the xboxstore. PC2 have 2 stars for example. In none FM you have that freedom to play the game like you want to.

Even FM4 had issues and it was not the best selling fm. That was FM3.

But there a lot things to improve. Even arcadegames like the crew have for example far better options for optical tuning. That’s unbelievable how some cars look with Forza wings. I mean did nobody see that. Some hatchbacks are looking laughable with Forza spoilers.

Well, in other FM’s restrictions weren’t forced. FM3 gave you the option to play the entire career (bigger than FM7, by the way) without restrictions. FM4 gave you the option to race your car if it didn’t meet regulations (FM4 career was even bigger) and also FM6 also gave you that option.

FM7 doesn’t. The game even blatantly makes you pay for upgrades and won’t even let you race stock. No option to bypass even when you’re playing offline and restrictions mean absolutely nothing for the AI.

You want to know a game that does key you play completely free? FH3… There is a thing called “blueprint”

So no. FM7 doesn’t give you the freedom that its predecessors gave you. Not even remotely close.


They let you play “free” but they make you susceptible to the online metagame by giving the Drivatars the power builds everyone uses in multiplayer and implementing rubberbanding on at least one Drivatar in the race.

Also, they often pit you against cars with much higher PI if you’re not at the top of your class. I have a “Porsche Unleashed” championship blueprint in my account and, when I raced my GT2 RS at 950, the game picked two 918s as Drivatars (stock PI 969). Why? They’re S2-class as well and I was not at the limit of my class. And they were annoying to race against because they’re AWD and faster than my RWD car. This can be a problem with cars that cannot reach the top of their max class (especially S2), which, in FH3, there’s plenty thereof.

I wish people would just stop cutting FH3 slack when it comes to game balance. It was not a fun game to play competitively at all. And the offline racing in the game is spoiled by what I’ve said. The only “free” part of FH3 was the open world driving.

Then the additional content had one amazing expansion (Blizzard Mountain) and a really bad one (Hot Wheels), so the quality of the gameplay was all over the place. I always enjoy revisiting Blizzard Mountain, but I haven’t done a race in Hot Wheels in ages. The combination of extreme speeds and slippery surface was terrible.

The game was pretty great and I played the heck out of it, but, when it comes to the way I want to play (no bizarre builds, no AWD everything, no unfair difficulty, no traffic cleverly spawned to make you crash), FM7 suits me more.

As for GTS, since I care more about less jaggies than visual fluff such as shadow resolution I barely notice and that tiny headlight texture I don’t even see while racing, it doesn’t hold my interest from a visual perspective. IMO the ability to run at native 4K resolution is an important feature that does not get the attention it deserves from the mainstream outlets, presumably because of which console does it better today.

And it’s probably not even relevant to the discussion anyway. The OP has a tendency to stick GTS in most threads he creates and/or posts in for some reason, especially since he calls himself primarily a PC gamer. Strange to see someone primarily on PC choosing GTS of all games as their main racing game, but I digress. You can do much better than GTS (and Forza if you’re into more hardcore simulation) if you’re on PC.

Considering GTS is not available for PC, it makes no sense to discuss its perceived quality when the topic is about a possible increase in FM7’s graphical quality on the PC. GTS makes sacrifices to run more detail, including limiting the amount of cars on the grid and running at lower resolution, so it cannot be used as a “less is more” parameter for a possible increase in FM7’s visual quality on the PC. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to be Turn 10’s priority to make high quality assets for a setting very few people actually playing the game would utilize to full effect. And it’s not the end of the world if it does not, as this game has far more important issues to fix than shadow detail and cardboard trees barely anyone notices and/or cares about.

It’s also surprising to see the OP calling out on his perceived “arrogance” of a fellow member when PC gamers tend to be the most arrogant of all when it comes to graphical quality and platform features, and his first post could even be interpreted as a lightly “arrogant” poke at Turn 10 for not giving his alleged platform of choice what he believes it deserves.

Let’s compare with Project CARS 2, shall we?

To have all those bells and whistles, the game is primarily developed for PC, which is the opposite of the vast majority of the games on the market right now. As a former PC gamer I’m used to poor optimization, absence of PC-friendly options, and console-exclusive DLC. Project CARS 2 runs better on the PC at the cost of sacrificing content on consoles. When the enhanced patch first came out, people were appalled at the terrible choices SMS made concerning the focus of the patch itself. They cranked up track side objects detail, which is something few people care about, and forgot about resolution (the main selling point of the Xbox One X) and framerates, resulting in a game that ran worse than in even the PS4 Pro while not looking as good as it should have.

After experimenting with it, it seems the concept of Play Anywhere is not aimed at the hardcore PC community. It was a concentrated effort from Microsoft in order to make it easier for them to keep two different console versions, with playability on the PC as a bonus, but not the main focus. What I’m saying is, Play Anywhere is much more useful to people who game primarily on console but can play their games abroad at all times if they have a laptop or similar machine. That’s why most of the Play Anywhere titles, especially first-party, have notoriously low minimum requirements.

As for the actual looks of the game itself, I find it looks excellent. I don’t understand the praise Gran Turismo Sport gets, especially when it’s not only forced to run at a lower resolution on the PS4 Pro to achieve a locked 60 fps but also allows less cars on the track than FM7. The lighting in GTS might be better under certain circumstances, but I can say with confidence that FM7 leaves nothing to be desired in situations such as bright sunlight, rain storms and at night, especially during transitions. Pretty much all of the introductory track screens look photorealistic to me, in particular Bernese Alps and CotA. So, from my POV, Turn 10 did a fantastic job with the graphics in FM7.

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see FM8 as a launch title for the next Xbox, but anything can happen. More focus on FM7 is ultimately a good thing, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

As far as I know PC2’s QA on the consoles was handled by a different team or developer entirely, SMS aren’t exactly known for amazing polish on PC anyway. The CPUs on the consoles really don’t do them any favours either, more advanced physics, AI and dynamic time and weather are actually quite demanding. I think any racing game on Xbox that isn’t Forza doesn’t sell well which doesn’t help incentivise devs to fix everything either, I’ve heard that the PS4 version is a decent bit better. Look at how FM7 was on launch and that’s a first party Xbox One title and the seventh in the series.

I think Play Anywhere is just a system that gives you an Xbox and PC version of the game if you buy digitally, pretty sure it has no effect on how the games actually run.

Play Anywhere was created because the xbox one was/is having trouble keeping up with ps4 sales. Its a way for them to get pc only players to buy xbox one games. To do so they need to make an xbox live gamer tag which in turn boosts xbox live player numbers which in turn makes the xbox brand look like its doing well to investors when in reality actual paid xbox live accounts have probably dropped like a rock over the past few years.

As for the actual looks of the game itself, I find it looks excellent. I don’t understand the praise Gran Turismo Sport gets, especially when it’s not only forced to run at a lower resolution on the PS4 Pro to achieve a locked 60 fps but also allows less cars on the track than FM7. The lighting in GTS might be better under certain circumstances, but I can say with confidence that FM7 leaves nothing to be desired in situations such as bright sunlight, rain storms and at night, especially during transitions. Pretty much all of the introductory track screens look photorealistic to me, in particular Bernese Alps and CotA. So, from my POV, Turn 10 did a fantastic job with the graphics in FM7.

Forza 7 is a very good looking game but im sorry gt sport is a better looking game. Besides the cars being more detailed the lighting system destroys forzas. Forza 7 does have more immersive effects going on in the background but when it comes to photorealism gt sport wins.

The recently released data for Sea of Thieves paints a much different picture… The percentage of PC players who played the game was 10% at most. All of Microsoft’s exclusives remain firmly dedicated to the Xbox fanbase and the conspiracy theories about the inevitable doom of the Xbox division couldn’t be further from the truth these days, with interest from third-party studios in porting their PS4 games to the Xbox One, the great sales performance of State of Decay 2, and the great interest from gamers garnered during Microsoft’s E3 presentation, which has been clearly superior to Sony’s presentations for two consecutive years now. And, in the premium segment, the Xbox One X has no equal, as the PS4 Pro barely moves units these days.

The real reason behind Play Anywhere was to make it the stepping stone for a fully-fledged Xbox game streaming service, in conjunction with the Game Pass. Both these features will eventually evolve into a streaming service akin to Netflix, once technology allows stable and lag-free gameplay via streaming.

In photos maybe, but how about in motion? You don’t see the full effect of better antialiasing unless you play the game on an actual 4K screen and see the picture with naked eyes. Aliased graphics cannot be considered “photorealistic”. GTS does not run at native 4K and, like I said, features less cars on-screen. YouTube garbles everything and might give it the edge there, but real world might tell a different story.

Textures on the actual cars seem more detailed judging from photo mode screenshots, but that’s almost comparable with Project CARS 2 priotizing track side objects over actual quality on the Xbox One X. Whenever I run cockpit cam in Forza, I realize it’s a cleverly-designed game, with more detail in the areas the player is more likely to look at. And the materials (leather, alcantara, carbon, etc.) look absolutely stunning in Forza’s dashboards.

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The xbox division imo is on unstable ground console wise, if it wasn’t for microsoft switching to “engagement” rather than sales to determine success id say the xbox one would be its last console. Microsoft has more interest in windows 10 than xbox, it was a natural move for them to try and get windows 10 to be a contender for the pc gaming platform of choice so by bringing xbox games to the windows store they have some sort of draw. Problem is, xbox exclusives imo are pretty mediocre as well as windows 10 not being that great of a gaming platform.

I own a xbox one x as well as just recently purchasing a ps4 pro. I also own a 65in samsung qled 4k tv so im getting the most out of both systems. Gt sport in motion looks better than forza 7. Its not about technical specs, in motion no one can tell the difference between native 4k and checkerboard rendering. I also have yet to notice any sort of framerate issues in gtsport, as far as i can see and feel its pretty much locked at 60. I dont know what exactly makes gt sport more realistic looking, but other than certain times of day and weather i think forza looks like a game, it just looks fake like im driving around in a toy car. Maybe its just the lighting, but whatever it is turn 10 needs to copy it.