No woofer sound through my 5.1 speakers

Hi, i recently install a 5.1 speaker system in my pc (genius, cheap). Everything works when i test my speakers via Realtek settings in the icon of my taskbar, but it doesn’t work in this game, front speakers work, but the woofer (bass) doesn’t (i was excited to hear low freq in engine sounds btw). I’ve tried to use the common fixes we can found online, which are:

-Change audio bitrate to 48khz: already set there.
-Uncheck “disable all enhacements”: im actually using enhacements, so it’s unchecked. Tried ckecking this option and another option i have. Nothing.
-Installing last audio drivers: happens with the old ones and the latest ones.

Im pretty sure game’s the issue. Can’t believe there is no “speaker type/setup” option in this game. Hope turn10 fix this…
Btw, woofer sounds at the very beginning of the game, before the “start game” screen.

There should be
Did you look under audio settings in game
Pretty sure there is settings on xbox…should be on PC as well

Apparently, the game doesn’t use the woofer for engine sounds. I have encounter that it sounds when i dive into water, just the splash.