No way of playing seen as i have no money and cant upgrade my cars to make them competitive to race

I have no money what so ever and have no competitive cars to race with and my drivatar only brings in 1,000CR a day and i am not waiting a few days for money. I have no way to redeem my rewards as i need 490 points. My gamertag is JDxSmOkErZZ. Please help

The only help you can get is playing the game. Badges will unlock rewards for your tier, you will earn credits playing the game as well.

Same process for everyone…play the game.

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Most of us started off with nothing, you must have 1 car atleast to run some rivals races they usually pay well

don’t give up yet, keep racing the credits will come your way.

get the 95 mustang , Cheap car, very competitive in A class,at least for me,
Run Rivals get CR, easy $$

Once you get some CR, dont blow it all on a 2mil car

Or lessen the drivatar difficultly. I rarely upgrade any cars and I do quite fine. I play on Highly Skilled. Stick with it though you will get the hang of it. Get decent money online so if you have some friends who have this that will help also.

As others have said, run rivals. Its not a race so you get paid off in XP no matter what happens. Chances are, if you’re a beginner, you haven’t run many clean laps yet. Take a lap nice and slow and make sure you stay clean all the way, forget about time entirely. It doesn’t matter if your laps takes 10 minutes, as long as its clean. If you end up clean, you’ll beat a rival just because of the clean lap and that will give you a nice pay off in CR. Go run 7 laps on Alps festival. Whether you beat the rival time or not, you will get 14,000 XP and that will advance you up a level and that will give you either 35K or 70K in credits depending on your VIP status. Do this as many times as needed until you have the credits needed to buy/upgrade what you want. In an hour or so of playing, you can have enough CR to pretty much buy/upgrade whatever you want.

You have lots of options available to you, winning races in career mode is far from the only path to take.

rivals spec challenge. You don’t even need a car, just do what this game was made for. DRIVE! (why has no one mentioned that?) It’s my favorite mode to race :smiley:

Would it be helpful if one of us were to gift you a large sum of credits and perhaps some very valuable cars?


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Have you tried racing? Really just race and level up, takes not time at all.

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lol i have no idea what to say to the OP on here. We all pretty much started the same way with nothing. Run rivals even if your slow for about 5 laps per track and you will get alot of money. If you are to lazy for that i would recommend to be content having no money or cars.

Well this sounds like a good life lesson. Save your money. Work to earn more money, save some of that money for a rainy day. It’s how life works. No one just gives you money.

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Honestly, stop being a [Mod Edit-fb] and just play the game. That is the only way you will rank up and make money. This is the problem with generation “give me” they don’t want to work hard for something.

Anyways here is my advice, go race online A class or something you like and win or lose you still get paid and when you rank up you get 35k every time and then invest in a good car. We all had to do the same thing.

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Just race. Making credits is easy. You can be very competitive in most every class with a car that doesn’t cost $2M credits. If you are struggling that bad just lower the drivatar difficulty and up the assists which will lower the payout but allow you to place higher so it should even out. Lots of miles are the key…

Rivals rivals rivals. You can earn a lot in a short time. You don’t even have to beat anyone. Just run laps. Alternative is free play setup a race and earn credits.

It simply isn’t possible that you have no competitive cars, because you were given one for free at the start of the game.

If you finish the championship series with it, you have plenty to buy another competitive car. Just because you’re not able to buy anything ultra-rare yet, doesn’t mean you can’t race. There’s tons of cheap cars in this game.

Rivals and Free play. Just do some clean laps on all the tracks and you’ll end up one getting better, and two earning credits. There is more to the game then running the championship series. Reduce you assists to earn more % bonus per event and when racing in free play or championship up the drivatar level as high as you can go to earn more bonus % as well. But running in rivals will allow you to learn the track. Make sure to pick a racer above your latest time and if you have a friend their with some outrageous time just hit x get to “near by me” and pick the person above you on the leader board. and run in the car until your lap times start to be the same and you don’t improve much. Rinse and repeat.

After getting good in the car you will find that you will be able to win the championship series much easier.

Free Play in the lower classes in a tuned car is an easy win. You’ll start out in front of the pack (B500) starts in front of a B452 and because you learned the track already in rivals you’ll be able to smoke the drivatars. Especially because you can add a bunch of laps to the race, so you won;t have to join the crash derby on turn 1, you can pick and choose your passes. Do 10 laps races and set the drivatar at least one spot higher than normal and most the time it can be 2 spots higher, earning you a higher bonus % ( I was playing on unbeatable difficulty (60% bonus) there way before I was able to win on unbeatable in a championship series). if you discount from my bank the amount of credits I’ve earned from rewards, My balance would still be over 11 million credits.

As long as you don’t plan to by every expensive car all at once, and can enjoy the cars you have, rivals, free play will and long races will earn you plenty of credits. After getting good in a tuned class car, you can do multiplayer, and single player with a lot more ease. If you do want a very expensive car I would highly suggest renting one, if possible to see if you can handle it prior to sinking the credits, or at least have a stable of cars that you do like and can drive.

DO NOT USE THE AUTO UPGRADE FOR TUNES or upgrading car!!! DO NOT BUY CAR BEFORE THE RACE as it auto upgrades the car…
Buy the car you want from main menu not before a race and then go to Tune section and pick up a tune there for the class that is needed in the race.

ex. the Honda NSX is normal C lass car but for the race it needs to be B class - so if you buy the car before the race it costs you the price of the car and then the game calculates a build and tune and adds it to the cost.
Instead see hey I would like to use the NSX out of this group of cars… then back out to the main menu, go to buy the car, buy it back out again to the screen that has Career/ Multiplayer/ Profile/ Paint/ Tune or maybe it says upgrade, and click in there and use the “select” button to Load set up… then pick from the recommend tunes looking for grip/ handling in the class that you want to race in this case the B class. That way you credits you do earn will go into a tune / upgrade that will do you good on the track. “grip” is the better way to go for the newer driver. “Tuned by Worm” and other highly rated handling or grip tunes will serve you well. Rinse repeat. Go to rivals and practice.

DO NOT USE THE AUTO UPGRADE FOR TUNES or upgrading car!!! DO NOT BUY CAR BEFORE THE RACE as it auto upgrades the car…
DO NOT USE THE AUTO UPGRADE FOR TUNES or upgrading car!!! DO NOT BUY CAR BEFORE THE RACE as it auto upgrades the car…
DO NOT USE THE AUTO UPGRADE FOR TUNES or upgrading car!!! DO NOT BUY CAR BEFORE THE RACE as it auto upgrades the car…

hope that was clear enough.

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