No wallride fix in update #8

So apparently they didn’t fix wallriding although they said it would be fixed. Good Job Playground.


Honestly, I prefer that than having the ramming gift we experimented during a few hours last week when the released it ‘accidently’ .

this is not update 8 … its a hot fix to reduce grind to get playlist reward … we dont have to do MP anymore … btw … some of us experienced the anti wallride system … and its not really that good … it really need a rework so might even not be in update 8

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…but UNFORTUNATELY we still have to be part of the Fantastic Playground Games MP aspect.

…Maybe if the requirement was to “Complete” a Playground Games session (without needing to Win it) OR EVEN (Completing 3 Playground Games sessions to cover for that “Win” requirement), it would be more digestible. In such a manner, people should have no complaints about Completing that “Challenge”.

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Nope there is always gonna be something wrong with it that people complain about…always…this forum has got worse in the past 2 years

This isn’t a full series update, it’s just a side update to try and push some fixes through.

The next series update will take place a day or two after our next stream as usual.

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Thx for the answer.