description, yeah!


What is this? In game meme? Easter egg? Game breaking event description? It is in game since launch.

Also…some plans to fix Horizon Arcade till year 2023?
I would suggest 3 options:

  1. To adjust pairing so you will always play with proper amount of people.
  2. Make it possible to finish solo.
  3. Adjust difficulty in corelation with how many players joined Horizon Arcade event.
    Also make it happen from 1 spot as bonus.
    But real question is:
    How hard can it be?
    I saw people fixing GTA DE game breaking glitches in like 1 day. I am waiting for like 3 weeks to finish Arcade accolades, but I can’t as it is solo mode with massive multiplayer requirements.

This are questions that we will probably never get answer to.

description, yeah!


Try accessing Horizon Tour from the playlist menu and that’s the message you get.

Hm, never seen this one. But i like it :smiley: and shows how much effort they’ve put into it.