No uploaded content found in Forza Gallery

I have a few photos taken of my cars and I can see them in the FM6 game gallery in XBOXOne but when I try to login to to download the images, it shows no uploaded content found. Am I doing something wrong? I am unable to figure out how to sync my Forza Gallery in Game to the Forza Gallery accessed outside the game using PC (

Any items you wish to show others (Photos, Tunes, Designs or Vinyls) you must SHARE in the game.

Remember, too, once you Share something and no longer want it displayed, you need to remove it from the Shares. It will remain locally for you, but no only will be viewed by others. Do not expect to “Delete” a local item and that would stop the Share. It isn’t, but will forever and evermore take up space “out there.”

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Thanks Snowowl… :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. One other thing to remember is if you Delete an item locally, you cannot retrieve the item from the Share area. It is a one-way street from our local storage area to Share, and doesn’t work in reverse.