No transfer between FH series games?

I’ve never understood why in the FH series games one cannot transfer certain things between games. I have about 90,000,000 cr in FH3 and a bunch of really solid skins and vinyls but there has never been any means to transfer any of these things between games. I can understand not being able to do so between different series’ like FM7 to FH4 or anything but from FH3 to FH4? There are even a lot of the same cars between the two games. Obviously this is just an opinion of mine, but it seems like it would make sense to do on some level.

You can import liveries which you have created yourself from scratch. You just can’t import liveries created by others or including vinyl groups you downloaded from other people.

If it’s a paint you liked from a previous forza that was created by someone else. Make a note of their GT and search for their work, chances are they have picked up the game and are in the process of uploading their work to the sharefront anyway - which would allow you to re-obtain your favourites.


While D has the paint question covered, I’ll handle the credit question.

Each new release is an exercise in trying to maintain some sort of game economy as it races into inflation and credits become worthless. Allowing people to import instantly their entire bankroll from a previous title would start us out so deep in a hole there would be no daylight at all.


That is a completely reasonable response that I fully respect and it makes perfect sense. I appreciate the response.

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Wait … what’s this about inflation and credits becoming worthless? The prices in the Autoshow NEVER change. There could be 1,000,000,000 trillion credits in the economy and the Autoshow prices wouldn’t change. A Ferrari F50 GT would still cost $1.2 million. That’s not how “inflation” works.

One garage to rule them all.

Seven for the drift lords in their halls of hoon.

They do it on some level, you can claim a little credit boost each week for what you’ve done in the Forza Universe, check the link

Credits pretty much become worthless the moment you have all the cars you need (or all the cars in game) after that they just keep stacking up to the point where they are effectively worthless to the player.

If you started the game with 90 million, like the Op was suggesting, there would be very little point to doing races to earn credits etc as you would start the game with more credits than you could use.

But the point of this game isn’t to either win cr or to get all of the cars right? To me the point of this game is to create amazing designs on cars, to achieve as perfect a tune as possible through test check and repeat, to reach the maximum level in the game, to improve your personal record constantly on lap times and event scores, and to have fun racing because racing expensive cars we don’t have IRL is fun. The cr should just be a means to, well, to more fun :stuck_out_tongue:

The in game economy is important to those people who want to earn the right to own a certain car, to be able to afford the upgrades to make it how they want it to be.

To own the properties in game you require credits, they provide certain bonuses or wheelspins or whatever, they’re something to work towards by earning credits. Give all the players all the credits they ever need - nothing to work towards, no progression. No motivation.

Its a new game and the grind is half the fun. You might have 90 mil in fh3 and lets say you transfer it to fh4. You buy up all the cars you want and houses and you still have 25 million now you are bored and the game loses longevity. then the economy is based on the auction house and can change drastically

You don’t play the same character so why would you share a bank account? The 2 MCs don’t know eachother.

That’s actually a pretty good point. Keira even refers to the player from Australia being different from who you are so that makes enough sense to be sound. Also, I do indeed get the economy aspect of the game too so it makes perfect sense.