no tokens? why?

no! this is not right. one of forza’s most appealing elements is the sheer variety and choice of cars! i want to own and drive them all and even though i play forza far more than the community plays, it will take forever to amass enough tokens to buy them all. so in the past i have used tokens to buy all the cars and race them all at least once, as should be my choice if i want to pay the extra money. why would any game want to limit its players? it’s like some of these shooters that withhold some of the best weapons until you are nearly done with the game. i don’t get that at all. and you don’t have to buy tokens if you don’t want to but they should be an option for anyone who wants to pay for it. and for those who whine and complain that people who buy tokens are getting to cut corners or getting unfair access to cars that non token buyers don’t get, well that may be true in one sense but buying tokens is very costly in terms of real money so there is a trade off. and by the way tokens were grossly over priced in forza 5 and i did not like that at all but in order for me to enjoy the game the way i wanted to i was willing to pay the price. if they want to lower the price of tokens I’m all for it. as is, in order to get the Bugatti Veyron i will have to race and play for dozens of hours and buy no other cars during that time to save enough. and that is just one of the numerous cars i want. unless i get lucky and get some off the wheel spin. that is not right to me. it should be each individuals choice if they want to pay extra money for tokens or not. i hope they come to their senses and bring them back at some point soon.

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The lack of tokens is a good thing surely? Removing microtransactions…

The reason you’d have to work hard for that car is because, well, it’s a Bugatti Veyron. It’s SUPPOSED to be almost unattainable. The dynamics of the game wouldn’t work too well if the Veyron or P1 or whatever were just as easily acquired as a Fiat Punto would they? If you wanted a Veyron IRL you would have to work your arse off to even be within a slither of a chance of owning one. Be glad that in the game it’s actually possible.


Microtransactions were never a problem. It was just a cheap excuse for trolls to criticize Forza. No player ever had to buy tokens to get cars in FM5, and there was no harm in having the option if players were happy shelling out extra cash to further support the very expensive business of developing games like Forza. Those players got what they wanted, Turn 10 got the extra money they need to stay in business, and the rest of us get to continue getting games partially funded by microtransactions of the willing. It’s a win for everyone. They could’ve went without tokens in FM5 but it wouldn’t have changed anything about the gameplay. It’s not like some cars were expensive for the sake of pushing microtransactions, as FM5’s expensive cars were cheaper than in previous games that didn’t have tokens.

I was originally also going to rant about the overrated Veyron, but I’m not going to beat that horse today.

Lol give me a break. Do you really think Microsoft’s BIGGEST racing franchise needs microtransactions to stay in business?

If you understood the finances in the gaming industry these days you may not have asked that question.

Do they need them to stay in business, maybe, maybe not. Do they need them in order to provide the levels of game content gamers demand? Probably yes.

I don’t really disagree with anything in terms of tokens. Didn’t use them, and didn’t care if others did really.

However, I have to wonder what you’re doing different than I that it will take you “dozens of hours” for a Veyron. What version are you playing?

On the X1, it only took me about 6 hours the first day to make more than enough for the Veyron. Yeah, the hours will all add up by the time you get all the cars, but I’m currently buying some of the 1 mil and up cars just because I realized I was sitting on a stupid amount of cash for the amount I’ve played so far. (Over 4 mil before I went on my little spree today.) On top of that, the game has given me 21 cars has rewards and prizes, and I haven’t even added most of the free dlc cars to the garage yet. At this rate, I’ll have most, if not all of the cars in a month or two. I’m certainly not playing this game 12+ hours a day or anything either.

I don’t know, but between prize spins up to level 48, tons of head to head win payouts,7 championships, rewards cars, and free DLC cars, it seems like this game is just throwing cash and cars at me faster than I can spend/drive it all. I get the impression that T10/PG have tried to balance it out especially to not make it a major grind for any of the individual cars, and personally, I’m happy that I will still have to spend some time to get everything, without getting the feeling that I’ll have to grind for the next six months.


It’s incredibly easy to get money in the game just like in FM5 so tokens are almost useless. Just race online and forget about the money for a bit and before you know it you’ll have the money for whatever car you want to buy in the game.


to those who responded to my post what you described was how you think the game experience should be. that is great and i respect your viewpoint. what you fail to realize and acknowledge is other people may have a different idea about the game experience they would like. and smart game designers try to create a game experience that can be as customized and unique to as many customers as possible. that was my point. i just did not know why the forza people chose to limit the game experience. and to the guy who said it should be hard to get a Bugatti because you can’t get one in real life, really? kind of stating the obvious huh guy? great argument. again YOUR view of how the game should be, not everyone else’s viewpoint guy. and to the other guy who said you got a Bugatti in no time at all, well i did too. but what i said was i would like to own ALL the cars and to accumulate that kind of cash will take anyone dozens of hours or perhaps even much more. bottom line we all have our ideas about how a game should be and i respect anyone’s viewpoints or suggestions.

Those tokens were very unpopular, I personally hated them


Surely you’ll be playing for dozens of hours anyway, and will earn the money to buy all cars by playing with each one for an amount of time before moving on to the next? You buy all the cheapy cars first and play with them while your bank balance is building, then you’ll have the money to buy the more expensive cars.

Tokens are gone because the community complained.

I thought the other day I would like to buy car xyz with tokens but can’t because they are not there. I would like the choice.

Credits are easy to come by though. I am close to getting the 3rd of the 4 most expensive cars in the game. After those 4 the rest will be stupidly easy to get.

I am not even halfway through single player yet.

Once again credits are easy to come by.

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Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t.


Lol at all the people with VIP status saying that earning money is easy.

But yeah, if that car is important enough to you, play the game and earn it like everyone else. :slight_smile:

Tokens are coming in a future update and i’m looking forward to them completely optional :slight_smile: "Turn 10 caught quite a bit of flak over its use of microtransactions in Forza 5. What did you learn from that experience and how did you apply those lessons to Horizon 2? Are microtransactions going to come to Horizon 2 in the future?

“Feedback is a crucial part of the Forza design philosophy”
Within months after the release of Forza Motorsport 5, the in-game economy and progression was completely rebalanced based on the feedback from our community. Forza Horizon 2 was designed, tuned, and play-tested from the ground-up both on that knowledge and without Tokens. That said, Forza is known for its diverse audience and some players appreciate using Tokens as a way of gaining immediate access to content that may take many hours to acquire in the normal course of play. We will continue to monitor the game economy in Forza Horizon 2 to ensure it is balanced and fun, and we will consider offering Tokens as a matter of player choice in a future update. As always, we are dedicated to creating open-ended, evolving experiences that are built with and for our fans." heres the link

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That’s why I interpret the quote above as being a roundabout means of saying “Yeah, we messed up big last time, tokens will be much cheaper and realistically priced next time around.”


Saying they’ll “consider” it in future doesn’t mean its definitely going to come.

← Not VIP. In about 2 weeks, I have amassed nearly 6 million credits so far. My Garage is worth almost 10 million.

No need for tokens when the cars are basically just handed to you anyhow.

Am i missing something, but is the whole point of a driving/racing game, to drive/race to earn enough cash to get the cars you desire. The satisfaction of putting in seat time to acquire whatever your supercar of choice. In this game it is not hard to make money in and acquire cars, if i remember correctly i have 13 mil in the bank 178 cars in the garage and am only half way through the game. You can play it your way, however seems kind of bizarre that you would be willing to pay $60 for a game then want to fork out another x number of dollars just to get cars sooner, when the ingame economy is more than fair in making sure payouts get you what you want, with a little bit of work or seat time. I tire of microtransactions nickel and diming gamers to death. Sorry i just do not understand the need for tokens really.

You state that you buy all the cars to race at least once with each, well sir if you started with the lower end cars and worked your way up. You could easily attain your goal of owning all cars and racing with them as you will have acquired enough in game currency to do just that. But hey if you want to keep throwing your money to buy cars early and not spend the seat time, fill your boots. However i do not like microtransactions.

It’s the same with all games though. If someone has enough cash, they want to be able to skip all the effort. I’ve played many other games where they offer in game currency where people spent exorbitant amounts of money to gain an advantage or skip the time needed to buy something with in game credits. At least in this game it isn’t “pay to win” where the paid assets make you unbeatable. The OP just wants more cars but might not have the time to grind out credits. I know I don’t. Although I would not spend my money on tokens if available, my garage is only about 10 cars deep because I work two jobs and have other games I like to spend time on beside this one.


My main issue with tokens in this and indeed many games is that it gives people the best equipment and no clue how to use it. If you rank up, earning cars, you learn how to control them as you go. If you buy the best cars in the game, go online and just floor it, it’s misery for everyone around you.
People think that buying the best cars will instantly make them a better driver, and that’s not the case. Practice makes you a better driver, and while you’re practicing, you’ll earn enough to buy decent cars.
I’m not saying this is everyone, but in my experience it’s most people.
The phrase that runs around my photography friends is applicable here, ‘All the gear, no idea’.
I’m not saying people who wants tokens are outright wrong, and there are many reasons for wanting them, bust mostly its people who don’t want to put any effort into actually playing through the game. Then they get online and cause chaos.