No Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter Support?

I tried a variety of setting, but it seems the demo doesn’t work with the TH8A shifter. I have tried a TX and TMX and each one only works with paddle shifters. Anyone else have same issue?

Using tx with TH8A and T3PA with no issues

I haven’t tested my TH8A personally yet as I am planning to just wait for full release. However I watched Slaps youtube video of the demo and he is using his TH8A so yea…it should work.

Also using tx, th8a and t3pa pros they all work.

Thank you all for confirming…I must be missing something in the settings. Ill recheck!

You have got the shifter plugged directly into the wheel right?
If I remember rightly you also need to change the button layout.

It was plug and play working right out of the gate for me