No snow tired Lambo LM 002 on BM.

I don’t know if any of you have trouble on BM,i was some but I pulled out the Lambo LM 002 in b class and kicked butt,i then realized after the cheevo popped it had no snow tires,i have been using it for a lot of races and the things kicks butt on regular tires,was using the Rip Rod before trying the Lambo and the Nissan Titan truck and was getting smoked on cross country,same races with those 2 with snow tires,if you are struggling some give the Lambo with out snow tires a try,i love the thing on BM!!!

The LM002 comes standard with off-road tyres, So when you go to Blizzard Mountain, They automatically change to snow tyres. Next time you’re there, Have a look at the tread closeup

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Then please explain how I got the cheevo for no snow tires using the Lambo,and in the tires setting they are not snow tires.

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Because it’s not an option to put on snow tyres obviously

This is not correct. While the stock tyres are for offroad they are not rally tyres.

Rally tyres are an upgrade option and rally tyres would auto upgrade to snow.

But if the cheevo popped then T rex is on the stock tyres.