No Reward for Increasing Difficulty

In previous games, you got a permanent credit bonus for disabling assists and raising the Drivatar difficulty. Now you get absolutely nothing. All the risk with no reward.

In FM6, turning off all assists got you a substantial credit bonus (I think it was 66%). This was a great incentive to remove the game’s training wheels. It forced players to improve their driving skill. Now there is no longer any reason to do this.

And don’t get me started on mod cards. They only exist to sell loot boxes. Luck should never take priority over skill. Thankfully loot boxes are on their way out, and hopefully mod cards will follow.

Also, why is there no credit bonus for Inexperienced and Average difficulties. FM6 had them, so why not FM7? You can’t give me a very small percentage of bonus credits for graduating to a slightly higher difficulty? Why bother getting better if I end up earning less?

You get yet more Credits with longer races

There’s a reward for actually increasing difficulty, just not for disabling assists. The bonus for disabling assists was never big enough to really be an incentive. And I much prefer being able to change them mid race to having the bonus.

I do agree that every difficulty above the lowest should come with a small bonus increase.

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I love mod cards. You want paid for no assisted breaks, use an abs mod card. Have to run with assists? You can get credits boosted for good passes, turns etc. It pays so much more than previous games.

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I agree that turning off assists should have automatically given a reward increase as it has in all previous games, instead of only getting a bonus if I happen to be using a mod card for it. However…

This isn’t accurate. You speak of selling loot crates as if players buy them with actual money and Turn 10 profits from players paying real money for these loot crates. However, that’s not the case. Players purchase them with credits (CR), which are virtual currency earned virtually with no real-world value at all. You could buy 10,000,000 CR worth of loot crates and Turn 10 wouldn’t earn a solitary penny from it. Loot crates actually make far less sense than that. They actually serve no purpose whatsoever, not even to make the developers money.


To suggest there is loot boxes in FM7 is a complete fallacy.

You can buy mod cards with in game credits, you used to be able to buy randomized cars too, but there has never been loot boxes and they have never cost real world money.

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T10 unlocked 100+ cars in the first stage of getting rid of car crates altogether, People really need to get off the bandwagon of loot box hate that never actually happened in Forza, Although I thought mod cards were a bit Arcady when they were first introduced they’ve made me enjoy parts of the game I’d never have experienced if they’d stuck to the old system of extra CR for difficulty.


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Extra money is tied to drivatar difficulty instead of assists.