It just seems the little stuff like this is always left out. Always. So much for online group photos.


After falling in love with this game I am so disheartened by the fact I cannot save replays and take photos in Multiplayer, something I’m sure every Forzatographer & Forzavideographer would want!

I attempted it just then because I wanted to show off me and my mates cars, drifting & parked next to each other during a beautiful sunset.

Why is something so vital and true to the series social/community elements removed, WHY!?

Please comment and voice your opinions here, keep this thread at the top of the list, proritise it or we will never be heard and it will never be fixed. They did it in Forza 5 when we weren’t given Multiplayer replays at launch!

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I’m getting the game tonight (UK) and thought this would have been part of the game. My friends and I were looking forward to getting some good pictures for our car club, etc… Guess ill have to wait and see what happens.

Consult, it just doesn’t make any common sense! Even in Forza 5, they left out extra replay camera views, now they have bought them back into Horzion 2 (rear-facing, side dolly etc) but yet we cannot save replays in Multiplayer, the one component of where you and your friends will do awesome stuff together to show off to other people in the community.

The launch trailer showcased what could be possible with Forzatography and Forzavideography with your friends but we are left with no option to savor our fondest memories of playing with them. It truly does boil my blood, considering I focus heavily on the user-created content and community side of Forza!

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Good a place as any to post my gripes about the photos…I agree on your points OP, photos should definitely be available in online free roam and replays after multiplayer races.

My other suggestion, and this can be read as DEMAND…please add something like “Press X to add current car” when you’re tagging/naming a photo you’ve taken. There’s no reason I should have to hunt every time to add the car I’m driving to the tags. I currently don’t even bother with adding my car.

Could there also be an option to go higher with the camera? I want to get shots like this but it’s impossible with the camera only raising to like 10ft in game. :frowning:

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I agree on your first post Undying and it sucks they always restrict camera height!

Personally I think in Forza 5 they restrict the height so you can’t see their imperfections in tracks, like area’s where there are no textures and graphics because you will never see that area unless you had a camera that went that high.

In Horizon 2 we are playing in a open-world, so why restrict the height!

I did search but couldn’t see anything. Why is there no online photo mode. It is single handedly the biggest dissapointment about the whole game. You give us these amazing stunning looking cars and scenery. Then the ability to play with friends and the return of clubs but no way of recording those moments? Seems like a must have feature to me…i appreciate in “solo” the game is paused in order to take a picture which isn’t possible online…who cares just give me a camera. The game dosent need pausing to take a picture of your clubs stationary gathering/lineup

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I agree. The build up for this game focused so highly on the multiplayer aspect and the seamlessness of online gameplay. Leaving photography out of online mode was a huge blow to this game in my opinion. I was really looking forward to parking my car with my club and getting some great shots. Being able to have someone stationary taking photos while others drag or drift was looking good to me too, but we cant. :frowning: I really hope a future patch or dlc adds online photo mode. Clubs are a pretty big deal, and photo mode is so elaborate, it should have been a given to have it in there. Ive seen more complaints about this missing feature than any of the other complaints… Just my 0.02

I agree with the above statements.

How come there is no photomode when online. I cruise with people and wanna take some pics

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when you go up above the car, try zooming out. the camera is always half way, so you can zoom in or zoom out. you should be able to get a shot like this.

i know its not exact but here’s what i could come up with.

Above Shot Rally Car

I agree so much, the only time i would ever use the photo mode. Me and my friends all bought every hyper car and parked it near the water to take a picture just to learn there was no photo mode…

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No one else unhappy about this?

Very disappointing that we also tune and create our great club cars and can’t photograph this moments or pure joy as friends and clubs

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Yeah… Op… I’m with ya… I’m not a forzatagrapher but I like every now and then taking a pic… For sure with my clubs cars… Kinda a let down… Same as only being able to record short clips with kinect… Oh well…

Online photo mode and replays are not a feature of Forza Horizon 2. If you would like to see that feature added then please use the Wish List thread stickied at the top of the forum.