No pre order cars? Even no Mercedes C63?

I have bought Ultimate Edition month one ago, and played that game since release day 23sept at 9h morning local hour here

but now 4days later, i still dont have any preorder cars,

i already get those Forza hub tier rewards cars, and also all car packs is installed and free, ONLY preorder cars NOPE
what’s wrong? And also i did not receive any message from Xbox or else for codes and even those Mercedes C63 preorder car from Xbox dash :confused:

And in DLC cars part in Autoshow, there is only car packs that already been purchased but no preorder cars

I’m in the same boat, pre ordered my ultimate edition after E3 and still haven’t received a code 4 days later after early access :’(

Call XBL Support. You probably should have received the DLC Code for the Mercedes by now.


If your on pc they don’t show up in your garage once you use the codes either. I love this game but it has a few issues atm

I am playing on Xbox One but still not received them
And calling Xbox support? lol i’m deaf so is there no other option like chat?