No Porsches in Free Play!

I’ve recently downloaded the Porsche DLC and noticed that none of the cars appear in free play? Is this a known issue? Thanks.

Porsche cars are in Freeplay - I use that feature all the time. Make sure you have both the CU and the DLC - they complement each other.

they are there for me so not sure whats going on

I don’t know about opponent cars but to select Porsches make sure the settings for Division and Class will allow you to use them:

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I’ve been playing them in free play.

I think its crazy that i bought the 100 full game and i dont get all the car packs. I feel more than a lil jiped

you got everything you paid for, read the description of what you bought…nothing mentioned of the Porsche expansion in it, just 6 packs of 7 cars in the car pass(it’s not a season pass) and the VIP pack
1 more pack to come later this month for the car pass and that’s it …all done

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Its not a car pack.

Its and expansion, with new carrer, showcases, cars, tracks, and achivements.


Actually it comes with a car pass, why does that not include all car releases during that year

No it comes with THE car pass, good for 6 monthly DLCs. Porsche is an EXPANSION.

Quackery, when did that game come out, and theres an expansion, thats a money grab. All of the game industry is doing this now. Dying light seems to be the only ones really taking care of there customer base.