No Patchnotes anymore?

I was just wondering if turn10 does not want to release any patchnotes anymore. Or is it just because nothing gets patched?


Latest download was only the car pack and some data for coming expansion.

Right. Absolutely nothing changed, other than the barn find that I guess will continue in restoration forever, since I’m not buying anything while the game remains in its current shoddy condition.

This is the usual MO for these folks, no? Release the game, then a few early fixes for the game breakers, and settle down to do only work that brings in more money, while ignoring the player base. It’s not like we haven’t seen it before.

If I’m being unfair, I invite Playground/Turn 10 to correct me, here and now.


I did notice that the HE Brat now has a golden license plate just like all other Horizon Editions.

Mustang HE still has a normal plate.

Wait…there’s a mustang horizon edition???

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Yes. It’s the 1969 Mustang Boss 302 HE. You’ll have to buy one in the Auction House unless it gets reintroduced into wheelspins.

Huh, I don’t have that one so I wouldn’t know.

The Mustang at least has the lettered tires. Before this update, there was no way to tell the Brat was HE by just looking at it. I found a livery that stamps the “XP Boost” badge on the sides and back, though.


Something has definitely changed because my games performance got worse. In the rainforest area i can maintain almost 60fps but the game runs in slow motion at some point. Well, at least they are trying… :slight_smile:

A competent developer still releases patch notes even if it was only to add dlc cars but we all know Play Ground Games aren’t competent.

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Not just PG, T10 don’t release them either.