No paint designs on cars preview in My Cars (until after listing in auction house and reclaiming)

edit - Horizon 3 PC
This isn’t a big issue, but I’ve noticed that I need to manually view a car to see the paint job on it in the preview in “My Cars”. I did notice though after listing them in the Auction House and not selling them, after they were reclaimed their design showed up in the preview.

Image shows preview vs viewing the car. You can see some Raptors in the preview window that have the designs on them after they were claimed back from the auction house.

My Cars preview VS View Car

This happens to me with the gift cars with special liveries but thankfully not the cars I’ve added liveries to. I have to view the gift cars in vista to see them.

Putting in a small non-visual modification like an air-filter, saving and then removing the mod seems to make the preview work correctly for those gift car liveries.

Throwing a filter on it did work, thanks for that.

On that same note with gift cars. Does anyone get spammed with them? 3x today alone I’ve been given a Fiesta, Raptor, Torana and 2 NSXs.

-Edit- 10 minutes later. Another Fiesta, Raptor, Torana and 2 more NSXs.

Normall you only get them once for some reason it is not flagging that you have recived them.

Indeed. happened 2 more times in the 20 minutes since I posted that. Just keep accepting them to get rid of them and removing them from My Cars. 6 times in 1 day and 4 or 5 over the last month or 2 is a bit extreme.