No option to search for cruise lobbies

Seriously @Turn10 why have you not bothered to put in lobbies where people can ‘cruise’ and not play tag or drag race or do the actual circuits but actually be able to search for lobbies.
It has almost been a downgrade from FM4 to 5 because you lost almost half the cars & tracks and many many other features. Even though its Blu-Ray disc you remove features instead of leaving them in!

Fix up Turn 10!

Start a private lobby.

That means I have to invite every friend I have, what if they’re offline? So I want to play with the rest of the community and meet new people.

I don’t remember FM4 having cruise lobbies. Is my memory faulty? That aside, I’m hoping there will be public cruise lobbies in the next Horizon game…

You remember correctly, there weren’t specific cruise lobbies, people would just create a “public” custom lobby and usually title it “cruise”.

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