No option for performance or graphics mode on xbox one x?

I thought it would be like horizon 4 where I could choose between performance 60 fps or graphics 30 fps mode, but I don’t have this option at all on xbox one x, is this option no longer a thing on this console now? I can’t find any information about it.

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XBox One X (same one I have), will only run at 4k 30FPS, same as with Horizon 4.

From what I understand horizon 4 on xbox one x had an option to choose performance mode 1080p 60fps, or graphics mode 4k 30fps, I always ran performance mode on it so I’m not sure why horizon 5 doesn’t have the same option.

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You are correct, FH4 certainly did.


I got the Option in the menu at Display.

Do you have xbox one x? I can’t find the option anywhere, only thing I can change is brightness

Makes no sense to remove it. I’m sure it could have been implemented. Even if they couldn’t make 60fps, they could still give more than 30 at 1080.

Is it a ploy to get us to upgrade to series X? I want to buy a series X but they are not in stock and won’t be for a while.

I haven’t got FH5 yet. Might hold off or give it a miss.

Yeah I’m kinda sad it’s not there, my game seems to be locked at 4k 30fps and the difference from frame rate in fh5 to fh4 performance mode is really noticeable. The game is still beautiful don’t get me wrong, but I would prefer to play in 1080p 60fps. I guess its only an option on series x and pc now :pensive:

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It’s an option on Series S as well.

I do wonder if its omission from One X isn’t artificial in order to encourage sales of the ‘Series’ consoles. It’s not so unlikely after all; we know Apple did a similar thing nerfing performance on older iPhones to prompt more sales. It’s all about separating us from our money ATEOTD.


Your TV would probably be 60hz, means it will have no screen tearing at 60, 30 and 20. basically every frame displayed, every 2nd frame displayed or every 3rd frame displayed. running it at lets say 40 fps on a 60hz screen would make it look even more choppy than at stable 30. Seeing how a 1060 gtx with 6gb struggles to keep it 1080p60, and how much of a tetris horizon it becomes, id say PG did not want people to see the ugly side of the game, and decided to keep it pretty but 30

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The PC version of FH4 ran easily at 1080p60 medium/high on a 1050 Ti which is a lot weaker than 1060. On low details it would be possible to maintain around 100fps IIRC. FH5 does not look any more demanding from what I’ve seen. If it is more demanding it can’t be by much. I just don’t believe that it couldn’t do AT LEAST 720p60 low.

Doesn’t affect me as I’m on PC anyway. But I would feel disappointed if I had an Xbox One X which remember was an expensive premium machine when it came out.


Except 30-60fps is horrible on anything other than CRT. If it drops below 40fps not even Freesync would help.

Already shared on another thread. Given 1X has a stronger GPU than SS, I don’t see any reason not to have 1080 60P except one, imho, it’s just marketing. Having 1080 60p on 1X would have put it as above SS.
Anyway FH is no longer about racing in open world, it’s about graphics details, clothes, piñatas, cars design and collecting achievements. It’s already a surprise to me that performance mode exists for any platform.


After you’ve tried 60 FPS mode, there’s really no going back to 30 FPS: it’s straight up unplayable. I’d rather play 720p 60fps than 4k 30fps if that was what it would take. And it’s not like it’s some huge deal to make a 60 FPS mode either. Really hope they come through for you guys as soon as possible with this. You should be able to get a refund over how garbage 30 fps is.


FH team way is not to fix they prefer releasing new features. There are more chances to get a Pacman mode than having 60 FPS on 1X.

And when they change something, 99% risk it is for worse player experience (Any FH4 online players will remember car position reset, ranked team racing … ).

Still, I am supporting all those requesting 60fps mode on 1X. Fully agree that there is no way back to 4k30fps once you started the 1080 60FPS.

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Well yeah 720p 60fps would be a good idea as it still sells the Series S… if it is about money.

Dropping 60fps does seem like quite a regression. The official argument is perhaps that it’s not only a GPU issue, but also dependent on CPU load, and that is perhaps more maxed out on FH5 than on FH4.

I love your game so much PG… It’s impossibly good and super addictive. Loving it but some of us can’t get the SS/X just yet.

Can you please consider including a 1080p/60fps performance mode, just like FH 4?

Please oh pretty please? Lol…

Thanks again for a quality product :grin:

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It’s so annoying being thrown back into 30fps. It makes no sense at all, beyond trying to convince people to overpay for a Series X.

PG screwed up so many things. It’s amazing that Horizon 4.5 took them 3 years.


What is even more amazing is to see soooooo many people buying FH5 like sheeps. Like if nothing happened with FH4. That is heartbraker and sad. IF these are the same players expecting things to improve in forza series or videogaming industry generally speaking… they are clueless.

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