No more spotlight events?

Hey All,

I just started this game a couple of weeks ago so forgive me if this is a usual pattern. I was doing the weekly Spotlight events whenever new ones came out but noticed this week that there are no new ones published or predicted. The only tab I see is “Closed.” I was completing these in order to get completed events for Forza Rewards.

Is this a usual pattern that occurs every rotation or something and I should just wait, or, has support for the game been stealth discontinued?


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When will there be new events?

Just started playing on PC and need the achievements :slight_smile:

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Yea, I have no idea. Mine have completely ended and only show the premium spotlight races (paid) as an option. Curious if this is a yearly/repeated occurrence or if support has been discontinued without notice.

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Wow, I started 2 months ago and have almost everything but for badges I need more events. At least I had some luck.

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Whatever is there is it. They do not add events. It just repeats over and over the same ones. You can buy premium to get a few more but they do not add there either.

Yea, I’m aware that the number of events is capped and that previously, these rotated, that’s not the issue. My concern is that these spotlight events are no longer rotating. I don’t see new (old) ones being added or upcoming. It seems that as of 4/1 when the last events ended, that support for the spotlight events has been discontinued.

The question is, have there been periods of breaks in the past where the rotation later starts up again, or is this the definitive end of these events?

And is it for long time already? Because I did about 12 events recently.

I’m waiting on some as well, need 63 more medals…

I see what you mean. It could be that the server is down. You can open a ticket.

You were right, nothing’s there :frowning: It’s probably dead forever. I wanted few more badges…

It’s a pity and sad that there is no answer from Turn10.

I think the game now has the EOL status.

Anything new? I have a special PC for Apex so always need to reconnect a lot of things to try it :smiley:

I’m seeing the same thing. Only premium content is working.

Yes, I already disassemble my “gaming” PC and still reached Tier 13 last week so everything is fine for me. But it was unannounced :frowning:

I came here wondering if it was a bug, if they just stopped adding new Spotlight events, or what and I see that everyone is having this same issue. The Spotlight events have been my usual Monday morning ritual, before work. For the past three weeks, FM6 Apex not only hasn’t provided any new Spotlight events, it goes straight to the premium events and doesn’t even allow any Spotlight Events. There was no warning in the game, no popup, and no one from Turn 10 or Microsoft has responded to inform us what is going on. We need to know what’s up. Horizon 4 is still supported. If they were planning on discontinuing Apex 6, an announcement of that should’ve been made.

Too bad really, I was only 4 races and 6 badges away from completing the Forza Rewards. Now it appears the only way to get those points is by purchasing the Premium content…

Any achievements broken by this?

No, not broken. But it does mean you have to pay for the premium spotlight events in order to unlock Full Metal Jacket for 50 Medals since there are only 36 available in the base game. Also, this makes Perfectionist much more difficult (but not impossible) as the Spotlight events tended to be easier.

Edit: I guess technically, according to a solution on TA, there are 48 metals obtainable with the base game if you are able to get platinum on all events. Still, if you have not yet unlocked any spotlight metals, you would be required to pay for at least 1 pack.

Thank you.
But it is guaranteed the DLC provides the needed Events? That was my doubt.

There are 15 events included with premium, so yes, that ought to be enough along with the base game to get all the achievements. I assume they count similarly to the rotating spotlight events, but cannot confirm myself since I haven’t purchased them.