No more refunds issued easily for FM7

Just had my last crash to dashboard🤦‍♂️. Decided to refund so I called. As soon as I mentioned FM7 the support person said " it’s still being fixed". After 20 mins it seems they are no longer giving refunds for FM7, until Turn 10 fixes it. If after Turn 10 fixes it, and it still doesn’t work properly then they will issue a refund. When I asked for that date when I could expect a fix or get a refund, they said they were waiting for information from the developer😂…ME TOO! Well it’s been sitting a week now, have plenty of other stuff to do beside FM7, so I guess I’ll keep waiting.


They’re probably sick of losing to much money


That’s what I’m thinking, must of lost a ton of money to refunds already…


Then they should start fixing the dozens of big issues FM7 has. It’s been out for over 3 weeks.

There’s an update coming up. How much you bet they’ll just fix one or two things and ignore the rest even in future updates?


I bet my life on it, the first update should’ve been a fixed for the memory leak on PC and a fix for crashes on Xbox so that it is somewhat playable but right now its almost impossible to play with all the crashes and disconnects from online lobbies


I would have refunded this lame attempt of a “videogame” on day 1 if I wasn’t this bored and didn’t have any other games to play.

These lazy developers haven;t learned ONE single thing from Horizon 3’s experience, nothing. The game’s state and quality (albeit an incredibly low one) are just as bad if not even worse than how Horizon 3 was when it came out.

The PC version got “fixed” in like 6 months, doubt they’ll fix the console version any sooner so you will definitely have to wait for a long time before being able to get that refund.


That’s a good one.


I feel bad for y’all, I’m so glad I skipped this installment. I just picked up a game outside of my usual territory (3rd person shooter) just because nothing that has come out (racing wise) that has really hit the mark, for my personal goals/tastes.

The more I read here the more I’m not even interested in later developments turn 10 may have to offer. It really looks like they are the new poly, only 10 years later. I walked away from GT and still, it seems they never were able to come out with a good game. I fear the same for T10. My last hope is crew2 but I’m not holding my breath on that either.

The fact that they are not handing out refunds anymore tho isn’t surprising. After weeks of horrible reviews, its safe to say if you buy the game now you should have known better. Or if you still have it after weeks of play then… well… you should have done it sooner.


If your last hope is The Crew 2 then you truly are screwed. The Crew 1 does not work at all with a wheel and with the introduction of boats, planes, and bikes in TC2, I won’t even try on that one. You’re right though. Most everything I’ve read on GTS has been negative. They went the route of copying Project Cars 2 but PC2 does nearly everything better and has better single player content and a greater and more diverse car list.

On refunds, I believe Steam lets you refund a game you’ve played less than an hour or so? I think. If someone bought FM7 at launch they shouldn’t be surprised if they can’t refund it now. If I didn’t get a deal in this game I wouldn’t have made a preorder, my first ever. So to be safe and save yourselves so much trouble, don’t preorder. Ever. Until you know what you ar buying. For the record I like FM7 and it’s awesome on wheel on Xbox one as a single player mainly guy but I rolled the dice too.



A lot of people (myself included) got tired of waiting a full month for a fix just to see nothing and hear nothing from the devs about their work on the fix

Being silent is not good when you have such a messed up launch and I’m not even talking about the VIP that I didn’t care about but the CTDs that made the game unplayable for many (again myself included).

Overall the base game at release was good, CTDs destroyed the game experience for me so since the game did not work well I asked for a refund. If it gets fixed I might buy it back but I will not buy the ultimate edition, I will only buy the regular one.

I’ll say it again since some people can’t understand what I say sometimes, I enjoyed the base game and got it to work well with me and my playstyle, multiplayer needed multiple improvements but at least it was a start. The CTDs were so bad that before I asked for a refund I tried for an hour just to get into one multiplayer race and crashed for an hour straight, and before that I had already crashed 4-5 times just browsing through my cars to see what I had available.


Interesting!. That would have to be country specific because consumer law varies quite a bit. Maybe they should have pulled it from the store until it was resolved instead of keep selling it only to upset more customers. I guess the only ones making a buck out of this at the moment are the telcos. I still think we should all wait till early next week for the patch because we might be putting the cart before the horse here and only assuming they are not going to include some stability fixes. I purchased the game because I wanted it so I don’t particularly want a refund and would just prefer the issues solved. When I have managed to run a few races in a row I have enjoyed it and can see the potential. Since I can’t race much I thought I might do some design on my cars but I can’t even import my vinyl groups for some reason although I had got one in the first week…Not now. Lord give me strength.


It’s nice to have options, I’m the same way with a back log of great games to play. Also Mario drops this week so Wooo Hooo. I’m a day one UE FM7 buyer and only have about 8 hours into it because I’m waiting for double credits and for it to be more stable. Feel kinda bad for the people that only really play Forza games though because the majority are pretty unhappy.


I will try to refund again in a chat maybe. They rep I was speaking with wasn’t particularly great at English. Maybe if they can see what I’m saying they will indeed understand the issues. I thought I would hang on, but this way they will feel the frustration through the lack of my money.

I also reported the game for poor performance from the Xbox store, and it’s currently rated at less than 3stars…wow! How can they just stay silent?!?:man_facepalming:


Sounds like I got in just under the wire then, when I refunded the game yesterday afternoon. The fellow on the phone was nothing but helpful to me when I told him about the crashtacular experience which is Forza 7, and admitted that they have had a lot of calls about it. Another friend of mine just said to hell with it, and is buying a computer this afternoon to make his jump (I was always mostly a PC player, but enjoyed Forza as well) to the other side.

This has been a pretty disastrous release for Turn 10, it seems like.


Got mine today. See you guys in about 5 or 6 years when everyone wises up and starts talking to T10 with their wallets. That’s the only way they listen.


I was able to get one through Xbox support chat. This rep was just helpful. Was about 30mins of chat, but simple. I’ll change the title now…


Awesome. We have to hittem’ where it hurts. What if this is what Forza is ganna be from now on??? Well if it is, So be it, I don’t want to be a part of it. Later T10


I would imagine this is going to come down to locale.

MS cant refuse refunds in Aus.


The whining is unbelievable on this forum

… to the point that someone is whining about all the whining.

TBH, they purchased a game that had a good chunk of it missing … and for what they did have was buggy to the point where they wanted their money back, they have reason to be upset.