No more multidivision in multiplayer ?

Hi Guys ,

I m just connected to the game and I don’t see the multidivision mode in multiplayer ?
why Turn10 removed this mode ?

Hoppers are still being added. No schedule or details about what they may be adding in the future. Now that the X is out hopefully they will increase the number of hoppers faster. There is a multidivision hopper but it is different from ABC’S

No as in they removed the multi-division hopper from the multiplayer selection when it’s been there since mid-October at the least.
There is no multi-division hopper in multiplayer hopper select anymore
Rivals also has a new event with the Alfa Giulia

Why they removed hopper ???

I don’t think it was working properly as I recall. I didn’t realize its been removed instead of fixed.

Yeah I can see they removed it, I quite enjoyed it so hopefully they add one back soon. However I will say I would often DNF as the C class car because 1 min would not be enough often to finish within the time set by the faster car in 1st.

Might be making way for new hoppers later today. I tried this hopper only a few times. It didn’t work in the way a multi class/division should work and has worked in the past. Also it seemed like the numbers were a bit low.
A return for ABCS would be much appreciated.