No more Launch and Displacement Stats?

Forza needs to bring the engine displacement number to each vehicle. This is suppose to a detailed game but they left out a large detail on each vehicle.


Where can I find carspecs on a car, such as max power rpm, max torque rpm, redline rpm, displacement, number of gears, etc etc. (as it was in Forza 4)…?

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I was upgrading a car, and noticed that the stats no longer show a rating for launch. There is only Speed, Handling, Acceleration and Braking. Why was that removed? That was very useful info, especially in a 1 or 2 lap race, as well as drag racing. That’s disappointing to see.

I also noticed that when viewing car info, the displacement is no longer there. It only shows drivetrain (AWD/RWD/FWD), PI, Power, Torque, Weight and Front %. No more displacement. I don’t really understand why this was removed. That’s a pretty important piece of information, especially when it comes to building/tuning.


I noticed those stats were missing as well.

I get the feeling they’re sort of “selling out” with these things.

Things like removing that vital information is just freaking sorry, and lazy. It’s like they want to start pandering to casual gamers instead of actual enthusiasts. You know, the people that are the reason the series has been successful.

If it keeps moving in that direction and turns into a sad, arcade style game, then I hope the whole franchise tanks, and maybe then they’ll realize why they’re all out of jobs. I hate being so negative but there are some really stupid decisions being made at times. I’m beginning to wonder how many guys up there are even actual gearheads, or if they’re all just becoming greedy and lazy.

I really, REALLY hope I’m proven wrong soon. I’d rather look like a jerk for being cynical than be right about this.


I agree 100%, XPR Clutch. It feels like they’re starting to dumb it down and go more arcade, and I’m not a fan of that. Forza 4 is still my favorite. I wish we could just have that game with updated physics. graphics, cars and tracks.


I definitely agree. So many little details from fm4 that seemed to have been discarded on XB1. I bought the limited edition because of my love for the series. Alot of my friends and players I’ve talked to on FM4 can’t justify buying the XB1 for less of a game in quantity. I am having fun with leagues, night, and all the new features. But, at the same time kinda bummed out that max affinity is level 25. Heck, I haven’t even maxed one out in FM4. That game is a little too big for me, but does appeal to a broader fan base. FM4 will always be the best in the series on customization. Hopefully FM6 can grow with add-ons if possible. If not , I hope FM7 can find at least a balance between FM4 and FM6. My 2 cents.

That’s woeful.

So if you do a displacement upgrade in the engine build menu, you can’t see how much of an upgrade of cc you are performing?

What car lover would think that was a good idea? Part of the way these games turn gamers into car lovers is by providing vital information like power, torque, cylinders (a previous victim) and displacement.

Oh well, my respect for T10 continues to fall if that’s the case. I hope this could be patched in, but Turn 10 doesn’t tend to fix issues like this.


Correct. All you see is the HP and PI gain. There is no longer the displacement at the bottom that adjusts as you bore out the cylinders.


Don’t they read these forums or anything? Don’t they listen to their fans? What is the deal here?


They claim to, but mostly it seems pointless to address T10 via these forums.


That sounds about right. It would be too much to ask for.


Wow, did not notice that.

Come on T10, you’re better than this…
I hope it’s just a mistake and that these features will be re-introduced with haste in an upcoming update.

Otherwise, not cool…


This is a feature that, as far as I know, has been included in every single game until now. There is NO excuse for it other than sheer laziness, or hopefully, they just missed it and it will be fixed.

I want to know who to harass for these dumb omissions.


How would they miss it when the menu sections are straight ported from the previous game and then visually alerted. It was deliberately removed.

It’s a vital stat fit building and tuning cars and things are not more traffic by removing it. In fact, most cars come badged with their displacement somewhere on the vehicle or in the handbook nowadays and turn 10 wants to replicate the real world, don’t they?


The launch stat was very useful when upgrading and tuning, especially when upgrading transmission. Makes absolutely no sense to me why this was removed.

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I couldn’t really care about the ‘SHALB’ or now ‘SHAB’, sometimes stats lie.

But displacement is something that is weird. How was it omitted? On FM4 there used to be an advanced menu where you could scroll through your cars and look at displacement, cylinders and all that. I guess that’s now not the case then? I swear there were some series/restrictions on displacement on former Forza games.


Right on point. You could sort by almost anything back then. Displacement, cylinders, weight, whatever.

Made it easy to find what you wanted or even discover something that you missed.

The data is there. They just buried it.


I conquer with this statement.

I conquer with this statement.