No more cross-country with Dodge RAM 2500 Power Wagon?

Hello everyone,
I restarted the game from the beginning to find the Dodge Ram 2500 that I could not buy without the Fortune Island extention. I unlocked all his mastery including cross-country for the bonus … But I can not find any cross-country race that accepts the Dodge RAM 2500.
Is it a farce or troll from Forza Horizon 4 or did I miss something?
Thank you !

Bonjour à tous,
J’ai recommencé le jeu depuis le début pour retrouver le Dodge Ram 2500 que je ne pouvais pas racheter sans l’extension Fortune Island. J’ai débloqué toutes ses maitrises y compris le cross-country pour avoir le bonus … Mais je ne trouve plus aucune course de cross-country qui accepte le Dodge RAM 2500.
Est-ce une farce ou un troll de Forza Horizon 4 ou est-ce que j’ai raté quelque chose ?
Merci à vous !

The Power Wagon you will get after leveling up to a certain tier of cross country. No need to buy a DLC for this car.

Get in this car, drive to any cross country event or normally you could choose the first event if it’s matching to your kind of car. Should be Offroad I guess. If not, make a blueprint and choose this car :wink:

The Ram 1500 Rebel TRX concept is the car you get from Fortune Island, not the Power Wagon

Firstly, The Power Wagon is availble in the base game, the Fortune Island ram is the TRX.

Secondly. Blueprint. Blueprint is always the answer if you can’t find a race that accepts the car you want because Blueprint lets you set up whatever rules you want for the race.

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The Ram Power Wagon can be awarded only two ways: You can choose it as your starter vehicle in Round 1 of Cross Country, and you’ll get one as you level up through the Dirt Racing series.

Those are the only two ways (outside the Auction) and if you didn’t know about it when choosing your Cross Country starting car, the chances drop to the only one left.