No metallic paints still?

Grated we have two tone and metallic flake options but still it seems that theres no option for true metallic paints besides factory colors? What gives?

I though the Flake paint kinda worked. If you use the right shades that is.

Theres metallic paint in the game as there has been since FM2

To get metallic Paint go to “Special Colours” Select “Metal Flake” then choose “Flake Colour” change the Brightness of the Flake to 0.00 then change the “Base Colour” to whatever you want and boom there you go Metallic Paint on your car.


Similarly, there’s a “Tint” option that allows you to make the three “Aluminum” variants (also available under “Special Colors”) any color that you want.

Or go with the two-tone and just set the colors to something similar. It’s what you are looking for if you just want typical metallic.

TVR Sagaris, nothing does it better. :slight_smile: