No March Car Pack Clue Thread?

Was wondering if there’s gonna be a March Clue Thread or not, I’m gonna guess there isn’t one yet cause of the Porsche expansion coming next week?

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This might be true, sir.

For me personally no march clue thread is just another good sign for Porsche this tuesday. But that should propably be discussed in the porsche thread :wink:


My thoughts as well. :slight_smile:

The March car pack is currently being extracted from Dan Greenawalt’s beard.


here is what John wrote in the latest rear view Mirror:

‘‘And on that wise bit of advice, I leave you to go back to chasing ghosts at Brand’s Hatch, anxiously awaiting the announcement of March DLC, or reading part one of Making the Forza Motorsport Score.’’


March DLC could mean Porsche or monthly DLC though, all that confirms is we will get at least one thing.

this guy


Making the forza motorsport score lol, the music in 5 and 6 is terrible.

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be constructive brodawg

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It seems boring and out-of-place compared to Forza 3+4’s upbeat, electronic soundtracks. Forza 4’s menu music was calm electronic music, while the racing themes were intense and made me want to achieve that quicker lap time.

Forza 5+6 are orchestral themes that I turned off after my first day of play.


And driving McLarens as a result. LOL

You actually have music on? If I want to listen to music while driving I turn on the radio. Or YouTube on my big screen nowadays.

We didn’t have one last month, which was why I was surprised with last month’s DLC along with its early release.

But I cannot determine whether or not there will be one based on last month alone.

I think it’s going to be as speculated in that other thread that the penultimate DLC will be a paid DLC released on March 1st as advertised by Amazon in gaffe, with the final to follow in April. In the last RVM it was hinted that anticipation builds as per the next DLC, neither confirming nor denying the Porsche canard!!! Perhaps the Amazon gaffe was intentional, who knows!!!

Kind of surprised myself. Got a kick out of those threads from time to time. Maybe to many people are correctly guessing cars early? lol. Who knows why. Either way…with the potential March DLC line-up + the latest VIP car + The 77 Aston Vantage I earned, there’s lots of new-car fun to be had by me. Looking forward to it.

There is no confirmation by Turn10 that the Porsche Pack is coming next week.

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No, but why pointing that out?
Everybody knows there is no confirmation and everybody knows there are a lot of good reasons to expect Porsche next week.

  • There is an amazon leak which mentions march 1st and seems legit.
  • People who preordered it can still see it in their basket and it still says march 1st.
  • March 1st is a tuesday, Forza DLC day, like always.
  • There is no reason for Turn10 to hold back a march clue thread if it’s just a regular car pack coming…
  • The xbox spring showcase was recently held and the porsche content was shown and playable there.
  • Proof can be found on ForzaCentral as well as here.

Last but not least, people tend to forget that the Porsche expansion for Horizon 2 was announced just one single day before it came out.
Therefor, i expect an official anouncment for the Porsche dlc this monday, with it’s release on march 1st.

No reason to be pessimistic.


There was no confirmation that the 1966 Silvia existed in game either…

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One of the Devs (forget who) mentioned in a forum post “Oh you found it” , loosely confirmed.

But yet, the wildfire assumptions that Porsche will come out tuesday instead of the normal monthly DLC is astounding though. This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve not done a clue thread for normal DLC. And likely, it won’t be the last. So as the other guy put it ‘pessimistic’ nah, not at all. Just being realistic based off of the years of experience on these forums.


RIP clue threads… And I really enjoyed them too. Typical turn10 always removing features that kept me interested in forza

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