New to forum, love Forza 4. Am at level 124 on the World Tour, and the other day I got a “NO LEGAL CARS” error saying either buy more cars or level up. I can buy cars, but which ones will make me legal? And how can I “level up” if I can’t play? I can’t continue my “career”, please help. Thanks.

There was a posted thread about this on the old forum, it has been awhile since I went through World Tour
but I think it tells you which class car you will need to buy to be legal for that race, I could be wrong as I said
it has been a long time since I played World Tour. I am sure more people on here will also provide info for you.

I have same situation but my problem is the error message blocks the view of the class of the race so I cannot see what class or car I need to get legal for, im stuck too so I went to event list and am just playing there for now

Please use the ‘No Legal Cars solutions for World Tour’ thread for this discussion.

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