No leaderboard and funky end race screen.

So I started playing some career a couple hours ago and it’s acting really strangely. When I finish a race the car still drives under the games’ control for a good 30 seconds. It’s seems to be acting like a multiplayer race with an end timer. After it does that it carries out the normal stuff like money, level, affinity, but does not show leaderboard at the end. Has anyone else experienced this today?

Yeah, glad I’m not the only one. I experienced the leaderboard problems yesterday which pissed me off because it wouldn’t record some good lap times and today I am experiencing that weird end of race thing. Also at Long Beach I have noticed an increase in audio distortion where I get a lot of cracking and popping (seems a lot more than before).

I just finished the R class series and it still did the weird race timer thing, but the leaderboard showed up.

edit: Ok, it seems to be back to normal right now. I wonder if the R class series is just glitched like that or something was going on with the servers or something.

I’m still getting the same problem. Been happening since yesterday. Lost a really good lap time in Rivals. Agggghhhh!

I think it still saves your time. I did a race on alps when I was having that problem and went to free play and checked the leaderboards when you are picking out a track by hitting “y” and it showed my new best time.

Yeah strange things goin on the last week …cars not turning randomly or not stopping or accell on their own, plus very strange distortion /noises and crackling on alot of tracks mainly Longbeach…oh and multiplayer is messed up joining random party games and crashing to menus…Apart from that the game is fine lol…just give us more DLC and we wont notice a thing…lol …i think we need a patch /update?

Ive tried racing in private multiplayer race ill start in 14/16 place when i overtake someone im still in 14th place, go to career finish a race get money and affinity but no name on mini leaderboard and full leaderboard doesnt load up what is going on???

I crashed to dashboard the other day, 4/5ths of the way around Nordshcleiffe in rivals. 8 1/2 minutes I’ll never get back.

What’s weird is that I haven’t had a dash-crash in MONTHS, and had assumed they fixed it!

There have been some issues with xbox live this last week so it’s probably that.

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I’m getting this issue popping up for the first time now… After the race ends auto pilot takes over for about 30secs
Sometimes it just goes on and on and I have to force quit. Progress not saved. Super frustrating!!

Has anyone managed to resolve this?

Had the same issue. After the race my car kept doing Lapps around the track.
After 10 laps under the Xbox one’s control, I turned off my Xbox and waited 10 min. to restart my Xbox. When I restarted my Xbox the game went to the end race screen. I received my credits and affinity level went up. That’s what I did to get out of the issue.

It’s probably a server thing. If you played the older Forza games you’ll remember it used to cut to replay-style cams of the cars continuing to circulate (which I miss, btw) rather than stay in-car like it does in FM5, and it’d drop frame rate dramatically during that while uploading your time to the leaderboards. I imagine something similar is going on here, especially since the servers were down yesterday and because it’s a weekend it’s probably not been 100% solved yet.

Yeah… I’ve been having issues as well… Not trying to bad mouth the game because quite honestly I really enjoy it… But, you’d think they’d really have their stuff figured out and be on top of things for the weekend they are advertising to new prospective customers… If I didn’t own the game and I got the opportunity to play it for free for a weekend and saw a bunch of problems I’d be highly unlikely to spend my money on that game once the free weekend ends.