No Headlights in Multiplayer my car only

Racing MP this morning my cars had no headlights on 2 Night races. 1st the 69 GTO @ COTA nat. All other players worked. Next race @ Sebring nat , I tried the 70 Superbee. Thinking the hide-away lights on the 69 goat might have been stuck! Lol, Same results with the Dodge… Am I missing something here? Looked for a setting to assign a button on xbox controller for lights to no avail. There were 1-2 chumps in room who did’nt know what a brake pedal was. Can usually drive around them but, no headlights on COTA was ruff. Still managed 5th@ Sebring after getting trashed 3x. Any Ideas as to why this is happening? Career mode they work fine on both cars. Or Free play. Thanks Vin Fender


That’s happening to me too, but don’t only multiplayer. Many times on carrer mode.

Lol… Good to know I’m not alone. In Project cars 2 I have my D pad Left to turn on lights. Thanks Seems a ton of bugs to resolve

Console or PC?


In the console!

All cars happen this, cloudy weather, rain, etc …
In the rain the cars do not light a headlight or a safety light.
Please check!!

DITTO…Same prob here.

I have this problem with huracan ST. I ported a livery from forza 6 and thought it maybe glitched. Other lambos in lobby had lights.

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Xbox here. Multiple races in multiple cars with no headlights. Quite a problem online when you have to use random people’s brakes as reference points. I don’t know if I have lights on their screens or not.

Also had this happen on my 69’ Z. Xbox, did have a design from Horizon 3 on it as well.

This has actually happened to me more than once and in SP. My headlights would not come on, just brake parking lights. Everybody else’s were on.

It happened to me a few times when the game first came out, but recently it’s been fine I’ve had many night races with the lights on. Seems like a random glitch

Had it happen to me last night in a C4 ZR1 while running Le Mans Bugatti Circuit. It sure made it interesting running in the dark of night.

If you guys were using cars with pop-up headlights, like the older Corvettes and Lamborghinis, you would notice that the bug ALSO has some headlights on in the daytime!

It’s like the game can’t sort out when the lights should be on and when they shouldn’t. The only warning I can tell is to look at your car while your Drivatar is doing the pee-pee dance before the race. if your headlights are on, they will be on during the race. If they are not, you’re racing in the dark.

Does anyone do QA anymore?

BTW, this is on Xbox. I don’t know if this also happens on PC.

I’ve found it useful to run with the braking line on, just incase this glitch occurs. helps to give you an idea of where the corners are even if you can’t see the track.

Yes random glitch for me too. Lots of night races with no head lights, random cars. It’s too dark

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Thanks all Let’s hope they can get this sorted out! Seems their plate is full. Race clean…well, if you see where your going!!!

same here

This recently happened for me on PC multiplayer in night @ Bugatti Circuit A class hopper.

happends to me everytime i play MP. my buddy can see my lights but he cant see hes own. the same for me. bug bug bug bug bug.
has happened some times in career also. brake lights works tho.>

edit: xboxone

Also the mercury cougars front parking lights light up when you apply the brake. It would be nice to have them on all the time like they are supposed to