No Headlight Effects during the day(PC VERSION)

I have this weird problem on the pc version where there is no lighting effect for some cars. Its so bad it doesn’t even look like they are on. I don’t know if there is a setting that fixes it. But there is a huge difference between the pc version and the Xbox version

No work will happen on FH4 now, it is winding down. FH5 is out in 8 weeks.

What does it look like on PC and what should it look like? Can you take a picture? I assume you have turned the PC settings to max to rule that out.

Erm, arent headlights supossed to be OFF during day hours??? or you can turn them on when you want?.. lol. All this time i thought it was automatic, they switch OFF during day, and ON at night. And thats how most racing games work.

Do they come on in dull or wet conditions like you would (hopefully) turn them on in real life? I’ve played the game a lot and I have never paid attention.

This is what they look like on pc
And this is what they look like on xbox.

The problem is that the headlights are off during the day. It’s that when they are on during day they are soo dim you can barely even see them on some cars. As opposed to xbox where they are clearly visible and bright even during the day, as they should be. Not sure if there is a setting I can change or something o can do to fix this. I’m running a RTX 3070 graphic card btw.

I see, on my PC game they are visible on some cars but not on that Dodge Durango same as you. (I can turn them on and off in photo mode but it barely makes a difference.)

Headlights are OFF during the day, and there is nothing you can do about it.

No they aren’t. Some cars I tried, they are on and bright. Some they are on but very dull. Try it yourself if in doubt.

I mean, I’m not going to lose sleep over it, it doesn’t affect me at all because I don’t spend my time looking at the headlights. But it evidently is a bit broken.

Curious. I never noticed headlights on in any of my cars during day hours. It doesnt make sense anyways.

It might be because it’s winter. Using headlights on winter days is common and advisable if you want to increase your visibility (in real life).

It also doesnt make any sense. Because we dont have fog lights either. This is not a sim. And no, it doesnt matter ive never noticed headlights on on day hours, not even in winter.
If that was the case this would be the first racing game ive ever seen that waste resources on lights that are completely unnecessary during day hours lol.