No ghost cars in rivals?


been doing a couple of rival events, the Johniwanna event and now recently the Koenigsegg event. In both events I have no ghost cars to chase. I have checked my settings and Ghost is turned on in Rival events. I have also restarted the game and the Xbox one I am playning on but that does not solve the issue. Any ideas what is causing this?

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Something went wrong with the last update, you now have to watch a replay before you get the ghost. But some people also reported that they can’t load replays, so good luck

Thank you for the answer. I was able to load and watch a replay but still no ghosts, looks like a problem on the software side and I guess I have to wait for a patch to fix it?

Did you set the person who´s replay you’ve watched as your rival? For me ghost are working. Another possibility would be that only ghosts of friends work. Haven’t tried with people im not following

That suggestion solved it, I watched a replay of one of my followed people and when i started the same rival event that persons ghost was available to follow. It narrows down the available ghost choices a bit but I am lucky since some of my followed people are really fast and makes me improve my own times =)

Thank you very much Jungsten. =)

Your welcome. And you can just add someone as a friend, even if its a stranger, since its a onesided thing. I have several youtubers on my friendslist, just to see the times they set, and use their ghosts if they are not to far off.

Ghosts on rivals spec challenge hasn’t worked since 1/19/18 for me.

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Trying to do rivals had ghost car yesterday then went off out came home to find ghost car gone very frustrating as trying to hot lap for rc championship checked all rivals stat spec challenges etc no ghost car on any have watch replay still nothing have checked all settings nothing wrong with internet or nat type any one shed some light on this issue please

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Anybody know if this is likely to get patched/fixed or will it be left as it is?

Is there any chance the devs could look into this?I realise its a small issue but would be good to get it looked into.ta