No Forza Rewards for Forza Horizon 2 (360)

Are there any plans to grant functionality to Forza Rewards for the 360 version of Horizon 2? The only rewards listed here are for the One version and although I’ve played just a small amount, none of my in game accomplishments are listed. The 360 version also does not grant you reward cars based on your prior experience or driver Tier as previous games had in the past.



it definitely appears from this forum and the actually game, they have wiped their hands of the 360.
very disappointed in the developers for this game…


How long do you want your last gen console supported? It’s been a year.


What does it matter if it’s last-gen? The game just came out yesterday, and Turn10 put their damn name on the box, so I expect them to back that name up with some support!


And? There are a lot of people still playing with their 360.


Oh, come on, don’t make such remarks. We do not release games and as long as game studios do, we can play with our 360. So don’t come with such remarks, there’s no need for that. Now if a game company does release a game they should do it right. For Horizon 2 they have removed way to much from the game and they give all the rewards to the XO users. There should at least be a balance in that. Or… just the straight from the start and don’t create the impression that 360 players will get certain things as well. Just tell us plain from the get go and don’t let us find out when it’s too late.

I’m really getting the feeling that the 360 version has been toned down on purpose to make it look like the XO version is not only graphically better, but gameplay wise as well. There was no need for that though, they have removed a lot of Horizon 1 functionality… if it worked in 1 it can work in 2. Instead of adding NEW cool stuff to the XO version, they’ve removed cool stuff from the 360 version to make the XO version look better… leaving a sour taste for a lot games, who know they’ve been cheated out of things that could have been in the game.

All this treatment of 360 users wants me to do one thing… not buy the XO, but go PS4 instead.


Exactly. …if I paid my hard earned money for something with amazing quality like forza, I expect to get as mucj support from the developers as possible.

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Well said!!!

If the X1 was backwards compatible for my huge game library I would have already purchased 2 X1’s for me and my son…
This does make you think about switching to the Sony products…


Why? The PS4 is not backwards compatible and the newer PS3s (the slim) stripped out that functionality after a few years.

Wouldn’t matter to me at all, I don’t own a PS3 at all. I do own a lot of 360 games though and I can’t move them to the XO at all, so the XO doesn’t bring an extra benefit for me at all. Major point is that I’m a bit with the treatment that MS and now Turn10 is giving 360 users, so it may be time to move to something else, makes me feel better.


Understood. I mistakenly thought it was being said that backwards compatibility was something Playstation offered over Xbox.

THIS. RIGHT. HERE! I pre-ordered the game and was told by GameStop that I’d get a bonus car. No bonus car. I have been reading as much as possible yesterday and today because we 360 users have been so starved for info. I haven’t even played the game yet and I’m already mad. Ugh.



I completely agree with you! This way of purposely making their own system look so outdated is ridiculous! I play plenty of other games that involve racing that make Horizon 2 look like it was made to play on a Nintendo! I was so excited to get this game and then so quickly disapointed , plus very angry! I was planning on getting the xbox 1 when i was able to afford the purchase, not waiting to be forced to buy one because the company turned their back and walked away from us poor, complaining and needy little 360 users! Also Im thinking us lower class gamer’s don’t get the high roller perks, can I request that we go without the XBOX -1’s Elite players comments??? Yes I know they are the only ones other than us complainers reading our outrageous requests! Oh wait not true, my friends have been asking how horizon is… guess how positive i answer that one!!!

As long as the Xbox live servers for the 360 are up, we expect support.


same thing ive said since the one came out and the way we are being treated on 360 right now i might just go to ps4

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but yet i bet more people bought the game for 360 next gen is stupid {look at me i payed 400 bucks for a nicer picture} but now that doesnt seem to be the case anymore starting with this game

To play what exactly in 2014, Drive Club? No offence, but it’s not even close to the same league. GT7 is a myth right now, so there is no competition for Forza 5 until Project Cars will be released and there is nothing to compare with Horizon 2 on PS4. Please, don’t be ridiculous and don’t say Rivals. It’s just sad.

mlicrosoft own the right to the game so its their responsibility to hire the right people for the job doesnt look like they did that this time for the 360 version

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Yet another reason i jumped ship to X1 and we wonder why there is still no official reviews of the game lol, 5.7/10 on metacritic atm, surprised it’s that high tbh.

Kinda figured this would happen, feel sorry for 360 guys.

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and Sony supported the damn PS2 LOOOONG into the previous generation, so your point is moot

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