No Forza Reward Crates, No VIP cash, No VIP cars

So I started Forza and did not recieve any of the above.

How to claim the things I payed for?

This is why I waited, the game even after Update #2 is not working as it should.



Try looking at the message center, usually shows up in the gifts, that is where I received all of my stuff.

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That I did.

Restarted the game several times now.

I worked hard to get to Tier 11 too.

And knowing Forza since F2, if the Tier rewards don’t unlock at first start they are gone forever.

They might be in the lootcrates if I remember. I think you have to beat a couple races for the lootcrates to become available to open though.

Possibly both. VIP and Loyalty rewards had a bunch of crates, but also we got the gifted cars and the 1m credits gifted.

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I am calling Xbox support.

Thank you for your help, it did not work though and I am not allowed to post on the forums anymore…

Yes you are.

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Me too :wink: Tier 11 no Rewards after playing this game 70 hours. i am sad.

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I can’t even answer to you, as I am blocked from communicating.

I filed a complaint with Xbox Support about Turn 10.

Xbox Support told me that Turn 10 behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and they will investigate this issue for the benefit of all of us.

I hope at least a moderator reads this.

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No you aren’t.

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When did this happen?
I was just checking my Profile and now I saw this.
Thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

There is this about the loyalty rewards How do I get my Forza Faithful Rewards. - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

PM the guy and see if he can help with anything.

You have to complete the first few races to unlock your VIP gear and crates.

I honestly don’t remember when I got my stuff because that was back on the 28th but I do know some of the stuff wasn’t given to me right away, but you should def have them by T11 on your car tier lol.

Also, if you have the disk, the code is included in the inserts for the day one pack at least. Or you can simply wit it out a day or two fro your rewards to appear.