No Forza Loyalty Rewards Received

Tier 9, no reward message ever popped up, like I was Tier 1 or this was my first Forza game. Other people seem to have the reward message popping up but upon exit of the game they disappear. Me, I never had them appear in the first place…
This is on Xbox One

you get them after you complete the first series of 4 races in single player

Alright I did that, and the message popped up. But I still have not received anything other then 8 mod crates… no gear or anything else.

same problem

driver gear should go straight into the driver gear section

I didn’t get my fm1,2 or three suits despite having played those games heaps back in the day. I got all the others fine.

you only get the suits depending on your loyalty rewards tier, not just because you played those games
check the loyalty rewards faq

Same Issue

I haven’t received a thing yet. Nothing at all.

I got a message saying I had some rewards but they’re not where they’re supposed to be