No Forza Hub Rewards this week?

I just opened my Forza Hub to redeem my weekly rewards and all the games were listed except Forza 6, Forza 7 and Horizon 3. There are no weekly rewards in these games when I go to my mail in game so they vanished somehow. Anybody else having this issue this week?

Something weird happened yesterday and the payout appeared way above normal but did not go through. Today about an hour ago the appropriate rewards come up again in the hub.

Have you tried redeeming from this website?

Forza Rewards

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did you redeem too early , there was a fix for fm5 and fh2 where extra credits were sent because they short changed last week
try again now
mine all redeemed fine

I may have tried too early. It did let me redeem the rewards on Thursday night a little earlier than usual but Forza 7, Horizon 3 and Forza 6 weren’t in the list. I just tried again tonight (Friday) and it let me redeem rewards again for the missing games (seems strange) so it all worked out.

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Yeh they had an extra payment for fh2 and fm5 because of error last week
That would have been those early amounts
If you had waited till Friday ( the normal time )you would have missed those 2 amounts…guess you wouldnt have needed them anyway…old games and all…where credits fell from the sky as well…lol