No force feedback on Forza Horizon 3 | fanatec V2.5


I have a fanatec v2.5 and clubsport pedals v3 and i have no ffb in fh3 on pc! What can i do to solve it?

The pedals and wheel work, i can drive, brake etc, but there is no force feedback on the wheel.

I have the pedals connected to the base and have the base in xbox mode and as soon i get in to the game the wheel looses the force feedback. If in pc mode the situation is the same: i can drive, brake etc but there is no ffb! Any help would be great!


Hi, same situation here. No problems before. Now no ffb. In the past some users reinstalling drivers after every Windows annual big update seemed to fix the problem, but not now. It’s frustrating. Here I have the same setup: CSW 2.5 + CSP inverted v3. Please fix this.