No Ferrari badge

I hit level 25 affinity with Ferrari and unlocked the Ferrari specific mod but the badge is still locked. I’ve restarted the game, done extra races with Ferraris, etc but still can’t get it to unlock

This has been answered - in the October Update patch notes no less.

I have the patch installed but it still has not unlocked for me. I’ve driven Ferrari’s in career, on-line, free play but it still has not unlocked for me.

Is there a trick to unlock after the patch?

Same here. I had my Ferrari affinity up within the first week & have driven plenty of Ferrari since, still nothing. On the other end of the spectrum, I unlocked the Chevrolet affinity badge when I hit level 4 or 5. Whacky!

Despite it being deemed " already answered " and despite it being addressed in the " OCTOBER UPDATE NO LESS " … it’s still an issue and I would suggest to KEEP REPORTING it until it’s RESOLVED and then post when it unlocked " IF " it unlocks … so others can actually see if it is being resolved upon further play or not … I started the game early on the digital pre-order and my Chevrolet badge is still not showing and I played plenty ( I have most of my F6 reward points already ) … just because it was mentioned doesn’t mean it got fixed !!!

did you full on reset the system? I got to 25 a few days ago with Ferrari. I got the mod and not the badge. I reset the system, tried another race and finished it and then it unliocked. do a race with the same car you used if possible.