No fans?

I noticed in a few of the photos posted of the tracks in the last garage post, that in some of them they are no fans in the stands. I’m not complaining, as it kind of bugged me when test driving or hot lapping in Forza 5 and you had 10,000 fans in the stands lol. I’m just being picky I guess. But the tracks I noticed were Circuit of Americas, Hockenheim, and Monza.

I personally think it would be cool if they were no fans in test drives, hot laps and rivals. But appear in career races and such. Like I said, no big deal, just something I noticed.

I am pretty sure this is going to be the loading screen picture. In FM5, the loading screen pictures didn’t have people in the stands either.

Hadn’t really paid much attention to it to be honest. Just noticed these photos were missing something for some reason.

no fans


^^^^^^ “You want some? I’ll give it ya!”

Vrruumm is probably right here, although I’d rather have empty stands than the animated cutouts that we had in FM5. That was just saddening.

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They must have had a twins convention in town when they made FM5. A lot of the fans in the stands looked exactly alike. And they were all 2D and kind of flat looking if you look closely at them. Not that you usually do at 180 mph. The fans are not a big deal but with things going on out side the track, fans, helicopters and now with six looks like fireworks. The world looks a little less dead.

I rather like packed stands when I’m hot lapping. I’m always surprised to see so many come out to see me practice and tune! It’s very humbling.

Especially the Nurburgring - such a huge track packed with all my fans. (I’m the only one practicing so they must be my fans - but then again, maybe they are just out to get a glimpse of the latest super car I’m driving???)