No drivatar rewards

So i’ve had this game for a couple of days now (4?) and I haven’t received a single drivatar reward while all my friends are getting credits for 100+ drivatar races per day. Anybody know what might be the problem? or how it can be resolved?

a little background info

level 44 in FH2
I do have a drivatar on forza 5 and I do receive daily rewards from him

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Same Problem here. Any ideas?

Ask your friends if your drivatar has shown up in their races perhaps?

Same exact issue. everything else seems ok except Daily Payouts for Drivatar…have never received any

level 46 in FH2
I do have a drivatar on forza 5 as well and I do receive daily rewards from him

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As in FM5, Drivatar awards are highly overrated. I am seeing 100+ races daily from my Drivatar yet the highest payout was around 33K Cr. When you consider you can get roughly 50K Cr. in 20 minutes of playing, the whole “idea” of Drivatar awards is pretty void.

Do you have a bunch of other messages in your mail box? Perhaps a bunch of club notifications?

From other posts I’ve seen, it seems the mailbox does cap out without telling you so, so if you delete old messages new ones will come in (including possibly your drivatar awards)

That’s a good point. I do get the Club messages and there are usually 9+ but some days there are only like 3 or 4. I just joined the club 3 days ago and had no drivatar messages prior to that either though. This is the only issue I have had with the game and am wondering now if it will just automatically be fixed one day once all of their issues are resolved. Or if I should uninstall the game and reinstall. If I did that, would all of my stats/levels/cars still be intact?

Unfortunately, I am currently struggling with the same issue. Any ideas how to solve it?

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I see these rewards, but how to you collect them, I mean actually click/something and see them added to your total credits? I never see the increase, may be small, but daily over a month I’d have couple 100K

I too have the same problem. I always have a message in Forza 5 about drivatar races and credits every time I turn it on, yet not once in Horizon 2 and I’ve had the game since launch (currently at level 68 I think and have all roads driven and completed 1st Horizon championship). I do receive credits for livery uses though which I’ve never received on Forza 5. Now my daughter on the other hand who is 9 has not 1 person in her friends list nor is a gold x-box live member and has only played 1 day to get past the intro races to the point where she can free roam (she just likes driving around) and access her garage and purchase cars has received drivatar rewards every time I’ve gone on under her profile to check. Explain that 1 to me?? Very confusing, but still loving the game none the less.

I’m a level 35 Blue Wristband player, yet I have YET to get a single daily drivatar reward!!! My friends say I’ve shown up tons of times in their races. I even watched my dad get beat my my drivatar on his xbox! I’ve tried and tried to contact Forza but they won’t respond. Someone please help! I’m losing tons of earned money from this problem!!

For the past two days I’ve been keeping track (actually writing down) my in-game credits. I didn’t pay attention in the past but I know for a fact that I am not receiving my drivatar rewards. I’m currently level 223 (if I’m not mistaking) and I’m a few days away from beating the game. This is an awesome game and it’s unfortunate that there are still issues like these that have not been resolved yet.

Any solution to this yet?

Same here lvl 160 play daily my drivatar is in game been playing 2 weeks not 1 drivatar reward other then that all’s good

Ok now going on 4 weeks of play and still no drivatar reward I know its not much but still needs fixed

Do you have to finish the first 15 championships in order to get your own drivatar? So far I have completed only 12 of these champinships, raised to level ~50 or something, but I have not recieved any drivatar credits. None at all. I do race a lot against drivatar rivals from my club after almost every race, but so far noone seems to have raced against my drivatar. Do I need to set up the drivatar manually? And how do I do that?

Anybody else having this problem?

I am looking forward to the drivatar credits in order to buy some nice rides :wink:

Same problem here. Never received a single drivatar payout notice. I have several friends who play regularly, and several of us do not get drivatar payouts when I know for sure that our drivatars are racing.

Me too. I’ve got close to 60 hours logged in the game and have not received any drivatar payouts. Not that I need the credits, I just want to see my drivatar own my friends and the only way to see it (I guess because they would never tell me) is by how many credits he makes me. Also, isn’t there an achievement for drivatar payouts?? I really love this game and would just like for all of the facets to work like they are supposed to.

I am having the samo problem. I am level 66, and have not recived any daly payout, and my brother is level 16 but he is getting them. I hope they fix this problem soon.

Do you have to complete a certain number of online events in order to get a drivatar?

I completed the first offline finale a few days ago, still no dirvatar rewards.

Any news on that one?

Ensure that your cloud save data is up to date/current. Then delete your game save data locally on your XB1 for FH2. After I did this, I started getting Drivatar Rewards.
USE CAUTION though…you don’t want to lose any of your cars or progress.