No download tab or button shown in message center


Notice a glitch or issue when in message center I am unable to download my daily payouts for my drivatar or download the Ford 2017 Gt gift it says read but not button will trigger the download anyone else have this issue?


It’s automatically added to your account. The only cash items you have to download are gifted credits from Forza rewards.

I don’t have a Ford GT 2017 in my cars I own so not sure how it downloads it if I have not got it? It also says you download it from msg center but all I see is a back button and an indication I have read the msg?? Confused

Still no Ford GT 2017 in my garage even though the message says it’s available…anyone else have this issue where the car does not download and no button allows me to actually do that. I read that it should be automatic but then I don’t have it so something’s not working?

Regarding the Ford GT demo-bonus-car two different messages were sent out !

With one message you’ll receive the gifted car. This message will arrive after ‘some time’ you start playing the game for the first time. For some it only takes 1-3 hours for others up to several days. This message is shown under ‘Gifts’.

A second message was sent out (first on 2015-09-17) which just clarify that you still need to buy the car (again) to unlock the related achievement. This message is shown under ‘News’.
The second message to clarify was sent to EVERYBODY, no matter you played the demo or not, or already received the gifted car or not.

If you want to unlock the achievement you need to buy the car anyway.