No dirty lap indicator?

Search doesn’t seem to be working for me and I didn’t see this in the first several pages.

There’s no way to tell if you have a clean or dirty lap while in-race. Is there a way to bring it back? Am I missing something?

It’s nice to know if whether to push for a leaderboard or drive like a moron since it doesn’t matter.

Its not in career but will be there in rivals

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I’d consider that broken. Especially if it doesn’t show in multiplayer. When I play with friends, we have a go-ahead rule that if you have a clean lap, finish the race regardless (there’s a very wide skill gap between some of us).

Maybe Turn10 should put it in HUD options as a toggle.


I was just about to post something about this. It is ridiculous that the dirty lap indicator has been removed. When I am trying to put up fast lap times and I think my lap is clean only to find out on the leader boards it was dirty is frustrating as I have no idea where I dirtied up my lap so I dont know where to clean things up. Please patch this Turn 10.


The dirty lap indicator is only missing from single-player career, where you race in traffic. If you want to race clean laps, Rivals or Free Play are far better choices.


What possible reason can there be for excluding it from just one game mode? Please patch this as there is no reason for it.


Its missing because you can use mods in career which would affect your laptimes.


Yet those times still come up on the leader boards. Having the indicator or not has no impact on that.

Edit: I am slow. All my lap times come up dirty in career mode likely because of said mods. So every lap would then be dirty, making the icon redundant.

Exactly but rather than remove it entirely they should have reverse implemented the notification to let you know you are on a clean lap. There have been plenty of occasions in FM5 where I knew I was on a good pace and since I didn’t have a ! I made sure I didn’t horse about. Now there’s no way of knowing.

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Are you saying that if you have a mod installed, then all laps are dirty (this seems to be the case as every lap I’ve done so far is shown as dirty, even though I know many are very clean!) It does seem logical though. Developer, please confirm. Thanks

I’ve just taken my mods off, and now have a clean lap showing up on leaderboards, so mods do seem to cause dirty laps.

So back to the thread title - dirty lap indicator is still needed in single player when no mods are applied.

They HAVE confirmed. There are three tiers to the leaderboards: clean, dirty, modded. ALL modded laps (even dare mods) are AUTOMATICALLY worse that every non-modded lap, clean or dirty. I’m not going to bother to find where it is posted, but that’s from a dev.

No idea why it is not there but it is very much not there. Feel free to add it to the features wishlist at the top of the page though and hopefully it can be returned at some point.

Weren’t people always complaining that every career race was dirty because of you drafting someone, or someone drafting you, or cars bumping into each other in traffic. It’s hard to be racing in career and get a clean lap.

Listening to feedback and all the complaints Turn 10 removes the dirty indicator in career and now people complain that it’s gone. Guess you can’t please everyone.

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I would also like to see the dirty lap indicator come back in career. I like to get ahead of the pack far enough to try for a decent leaderboard time on the final lap or two. I’d like to know if an off track excursion or an opponent draft triggers a dirty next lap automatically, so I can know if its worth trying for a good time, and if I’ve already got a clean lap for the race.

Indeed it is needed I can’t fathom why it was taken out in career.

Actually, even in Rivals I don’t think the dirty lap indicator is working. I keep doing what appear to be clean laps on Sonoma and they aren’t registering (or the indicator isn’t telling me where I’m erring).

Unless mods that were equipped in career carry over into rivals (where there is no mods tab, so I don’t imagine that’s it).

Maybe something wrong with your version of Forza(doubt it), but clean laps are quite easy in career this year. I normally finish 2 or 3, and if you make sure youre not directly infront/back of Drivatars on straights to get draft, I find that I normally get 1 clean lap.

Also, I see that all posters in here have at least tier 6, so why do you need it? It seems pretty obvious to me where the track is, and why do you guys have to make your own track cause you couldnt be bothered to follow the tracklimits there are pretty easy to understand? If you need to drive outside the track itself, go buy Horizon!

Well in Career Mode you won’t be able to see it Flag you cause of the option to select Mod’s makes it already dirty.
While in Rival’s & Test Drive Or Free play you can see if you got a dirty lap time the second you go off course, i’v been playing sense the 10th & i’v always been seeing the Dirty lap Flag if i’v gone off track, Unless it is within Career or the Showcase Races that use/accept Mod’s will automatically make each lap Dirty right from the start.

No, OPTION to select mods does not make lap dirty. You can get clean laps if you race clean in career!

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