No direct drive wheel support for Accuforce V2 on PC

I am very dissapointed in this, if Project cars 2 can do it why cant you guys.

you said all fan favorite wheels will be supported, well mine isnt and the wheels which are supported have bad force feedback.

you missed a trick here with the PC market.

I have an osw direct drive and I also have the insider edition of windows 10 which is the next update coming out which was rumored to support these wheels and I can tell you thats false too… I dont think this game will support high end direct drive wheels.

Lets be honest forza is designed around a game pad and most people are faster with game pads… I wouldnt get your hopes up. I dont see it happening.

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yep agreed, i just thought a flagship racing title across two platforms would have adressed this in this day and age, just look at the PC support that Project cars 2 has.

Oh well.