No CR & XP after 1000 laps & 7+ hours race in free play

Hi, Turn10, today I got another “surprise” from the game.
I don’t speak English very well, so I’ll describe the problem as simply as possible.
I decided to earn credits without sparing time and effort, but in the end I got nothing.
So, here are the parameters of arrival:
Single Player → Free Play → Race Setup
Track → Long Beach → West Route
Laps 1000
Max Drivatars 23
Came Type → Custom
Track Scenario → Day
Car Division → Any
Collision Mode → Always off
Drivatar Difficulty → Unbeatable
Car → 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (this is my car from the garage, not the rental!!!)
And I used Legendary Mod (x100%CR)
In the end, I spent 7 + hours, but apparently because of some bug/glitch, when I finished the race, there was no screen with the calculation of credits and experience. After the podium screen, I was immediately thrown into the main menu.
In the end, I lost ~4.000.000CR, or rather not received, I say approximately because I was doing all the same, only it was 50 laps and after the race I got 204.000CR. Therefore for 1000 laps I was supposed to get ~4.080.000CR. And that’s not counting the credits for each driver level 20.000CR, as well as a choice of three awards (50.000CR/Car/Driver Gear), and it in the amount can give, ~1.000.00CR if every time choose 50,000CR as a reward.
But I didn’t get anything and it just killed me.
I apologize if my English is not very good, but I recorded a video of the last lap, look and you will understand.
Link: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
Alternative link: Forza Motorsport 7 ‎2018-‎09-‎07 19-59-11.mp4 — Yandex.Disk
By the way, today I created a few more races in the free play, I did 2-3 laps on different tracks. As a result, after the races screen with the calculation of credits and experience, sometimes appeared (as expected), and sometimes not. You should deal with this problem, that would no one else spent their time and effort wasted.
I’m still shocked that I spent 7+ hours on the race, drove 1000 laps and didn’t get anything.

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You haven’t mentioned what assists you used during the race - I believe that could have a bearing on why you’re not always receiving credits.

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To elaborate on what DamMe2006 said: if you have any assists set to Super Easy you don’t get any rewards. And if you’re playing “without sparing time and effort” it sounds like you have set some or all of the assists to Super Easy.

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Any super easy assists will void any rewards

Noob money method, noob reward :o

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Do not rush to draw such conclusions.
I always used manual transmission (without clutch) and all assistants are always off.
And as I said, I did the same thing with the same settings, but I used a smaller number of laps. On my main profile I did it at 50, 500 and 750 laps and everything was OK.
Please note that I have first place, despite the fact that my car is less powerful than drivatars (they were unbeatable). If all the assistants were on, I could hardly have come first.
So all the laps, I drove myself and all the assistans were off.
You say this is the noob method, but what’s wrong with wanting to earn credits? And, as I said, I played absolutely honestly. Also, I have a legendary mod (x100%CR) for one use, and I wanted to use it for maximum benefit. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
P.S. Some technical problems happened with the game and I decided to write about it. I’m not asking for a refund of the credits I could get for this race. I just want to draw the developers attention to the fact that there is such a problem. That’s all.

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OK so here is the thing and there could have been some translation errors with the Minim Effort part.

Now the 2 main reasos for Pay out not working are

1 Rubber band racing Set Assist to Super Easy and Ghost Drivartar and lock in the Throttle trigger with a bit of string or rubber band .

2 Is caused by doing timed races over the 20 minuet’s mark this can also end in Zero pay out

3 Doing long races while connected to the internet

4 Over use or the Rewind Function

the above 4 are the main reasons for no pay out at end of race. Other reasons could be Server errors or loss of internet some time during the race.

It happens some of us know about it and why it happens but is very little to be done to fix. Due to the fact there are numerous reasons it could have happened.

So to avoid Zero Pay out when Doing long races Play Off-line only do not use Rewind after the 30 minuet mark Double check you assist making sure none are set to easy or super easy and that Friction Assist is set to Off.


Alan J T, Thanks. I think that in my case there was some technical error. Because, today I created another race with the same conditions and parameters, only the number of laps I chose is 500. After completing the race I got credits and experience as usual. So I probably shouldn’t have chosen 1,000 laps. Perhaps it was too much, in the end the game had a glitch.
So, if someone decides to create a race with a few hundred laps, just in case, choose 500-750 laps, but no more, that would avoid possible problems.
Thank you all and good luck;)


Not necessarily true. The AI does worse on some tracks. It doesn’t always do well selecting a full grid when it’s set to ANY. And longer races tend to make Unbeatable a bit more beatable, too.

But assuming you didn’t have any assists set to Super Easy and Friction Assist wasn’t turned on, there’s a Technical Support forum for reporting actual bugs, with a Sticky post of guidelines at the top for posting threads about those bugs.

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Ti Hsien, Yes, I sent a message to technical support, by e-mail, it is possible that they will respond something. Although it’s not that important, because I’m not asking for any compensation, I’m just wondering what caused this problem.
And, if they find that such a problem really exists, I hope that they will fix it, and it will no longer cause trouble to other players.