No car sound in game

Greetings ,

First of all i will take things from beggning ,
I had Forza Horizon 4 on my E: DRIVE which is a HDD , i went to settings APPS and then on Forza Horizon 4 tab i clicked on move to C: which is my nvme drive.
The game is working perfectly fine and loading times are unreal, BUT all the in game sounds working except the car sounds and tires sounds.
Horns, music, crashes working normally.
Anyone can help please ?



I have the same bug as you after moving from HDD to SSD using the same Windows tool you described. I thought I had outwitted Microsoft, but I was wrong. Other places on the Internet have described the same happening to them with the same procedure. At the moment I have uninstalled the game and am downloading (unfortunately) the whole 69GBs again. This time the first installation will be on the SSD. When it is done I will post back to tell you if it worked.

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Thanks for your reply @ChoppySquid2864 ,
After trying everything i decided also to unistall the game and install it again on E: like it was before .
I will post also when the download finish .


EDIT : After i unistalled the game and installed it again on same drive E: before the problem occured, now working again. I dont know if i did the fresh install on c: if it would work.


It is working for me as well now. Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier; all my posts are submitted for moderation before they appear (don’t know why). Glad it’s fixed!