No car names for last two weeks' cars?!

Hi everyone,
I hope this is the right part of the forum for this. As the title already suggests does the car from last weeks Forzathon, the Nissan, not show any name in my game. Same for the Toyota the week before…

As you can see it has just a blank space where the name should be. It’s just slightly annoying but would be no big issue, but I didn’t get the Toyota the week before(haven’t had the time to play) and because of this neither of both cars show for me on the auction house. It’s almost as if they don’t exist…

So any suggestions what to do about this would be highly appreciated.

seems to be a language thing

mine is english and dont have the issue
but a lot of non-english versions seem to have that same issue

Not sure but sounds like a caching issue, even if this action not risk less (sync screen of death) and takes time, I would go first just deleting local game saves and if no result still go for full reinstall. It can sounds unexpected but I solved my FH4 crashing at race start by wiping/reinstalling the game after it got corrupted by a monthly update so …

No no it’s a localization bug, it is present in many of the other languages than english, also in my localization (italian)

No fix after today update. It’s a bit annoying.

Same issue for me (im french).

same here (german)

Dunno if it’s still a thing, but you can find these cars pretty easily in the action house.

The two cars are the blank brackets in the car type menu.

For example, this is the Nissan Pulsar:

And that’s the Toyota Celica GT-FOUR RC ST185

Afaik only those two have bugged tags, everything else seems to be ok.


This Is a different issue and may have something to do with slow console hardware.


my hardware:
i7 8700k, 16gb ram, rtx 2070, sys and game ssd’s are m.2 pcie ssd’s (970 evo and 970 evo plus)

edit: i’m 99,99% sure, this issue came the same time like cars without names.

Is this the only one car with this problem?

If so, you may upgrade the car visually (rim/bumper/wing) to force the game to take a new preview picture of it.

yes, it’s the only car

This happens when you have an upgraded car that has lost the index of upgrade, to fix this problem go in your garage and apply the tune again or download and apply a new one, this should fix the problem.

Sumbit a ticket


thx, fixed

Same problem here (Italy)
I can’t see the names of the Celica and Pulsar

Same problem here (Italy)
I can’t see the Celica and Pulsar’s names