No all premium bundle addons in game


I have bought premium bundle for Forza Horizon 5. After early access launch I have installed premium bundle but there is only 2 expansion packs installed. I can’t install VIP, Car pass and welcome pack. There is only an message “Product pre-ordered”.

I can already play a game but can’t use all premium addons…


Are you on PC via MS store? I’m having the same issue. The welcome pack and VIP don’t seem to be activated.


I ve got the same here and i ve seen on forum that a lot of people have the same issues

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I have the same issue, i see alot of people using DLC stuff but i can’t access any of the stuff i paid for… VIP, car packs, pretty much anything dlc related. In the microsoft store says i have the content pre-ordered aswell. Says i own VIP and car pass and have both expansions installed in the xbox pc app.

Did you find any solution yet?

I assume this is bugged and we have to wait untill the official release date to get the stuff, if that is the case, this kinda sucks tbh.

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I just preordered the premium version too and the only add ons I have installed are expansion 1 and 2, it even says I own everything else but when I go to manage game files to install the other dlc I get a message that says “Check back in a little bit, we’re having trouble loading your stuff right now.” Anyone else get that message?


Having same problem and was on the phone with Microsoft all day and they can’t figure it out they said that they will get back to me

Im on series x and vip isnt working.

At least its not working as it did in previous games by doubling cash gained
If thats changed it sucks. If it doesnt work at the moment it also sucks lol

I bought premium and there were only 2 dlc to download. Expansion pass 1 and 2
I assume that the other stuff is tied to the account and doesnt require a download file??

I did get a couple cars with ‘welcome’ in their title. So thats the welcome pack i guess?

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I’m having the same issue.

Other issue I’m having is that I don’t get all festival points. I completed the danger sign and the speed trap, but in the lust it doesn’t say completed :thinking:

Oh i only now found your post. I am missing my VIP and two of three car packs. By the date of this post, it is clear i have the Premium Edition. With VIP i am not so sure, because last time it had lots of nice stuff like more wheelspins and so on. If this time that is not in the VIP pass, what is in it?

How far into the game are you guys? I think I got to about level 5, they unlocked after a race or two.

I’ve only got the 2 expansion packs showing as installed on Series X.

But got the welcome car pack, have VIP crown and had a couple of super wheelspins. I haven’t got the Drift car pack, it says owned, but the cars aren’t the in my garage.

Im level 12 or so iirc

I think ive got the welcome pack. It has welcome starter or something like that on the vehicle names?
Lot of people selling theirs in the auction house.

No super spins… No double creds that i can tell. Only got a couple cars and a spaceman suit for whatever reason

Same here. Im level 15 and still havent access to all premium content. VIP-Pass is not working, also the welcome-pack cars are not available and the Treasure Map is also not working.

On my xbox series x, i got everything.

But on Windows 11, the treasure map is not working.

I get this error when trying to activate the treasure map.

Load up the map and press Y, it’ll activate the treasure map, had the same issue last night, bought it didn’t work, then my friend told me how to use it! I think i’ve got all my cars, drift and what nots, think its probably a little buggy as half the world has suddenly moved to New Zealand :'D

Thanks but this is not working.

When i press Y “purchase treasure map” on the map, i have a message that i already own the treasure map and i get a marketplace error.

This happend also to me. Early Acces but no other Premium Featurws for me, no carpass, nothung.

When i try to get access to the welcomepack-cars or the car-pass ingame the game says i have to buy it. If i press buy, the game tells me, that i already own this product :smiley:
(I have bought the premium edition of the game)

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Today i got first car pack and welcome pack abd loyalty pack. No vip yet. I also found that first drift pack will be available later today

Same here, no VIP stuff.

Got all the other premium perks like car packs etc.
But no free car of choice, no house, no double credits…

VIP pack is shown in my Windows Store library.

you get like a voucher thing you can use to buy a car off the autoshow, for the car of choice thing i believe. i got one somehow but havent used it.